Exclusive: Iron workers claim victory; fly Old Glory high and proud

A group of iron workers who claimed they were told they could no longer fly American flags at work received good news on Saturday.

BizPac Review reported Friday that a rigging crew at a CF Industries fertilizer plant site in Donaldsonville, La., were told that they would lose their jobs if they drove into work again with their American flags strapped to their vehicles.

On Saturday, BPR received an update from Chris Close, director of corporate communications at CF Industries, who said the following:

CF Industries has not fired anyone for flying an American flag. For safety and other considerations, we recently asked our contractors to remind their employees that if they want to fly a flag or banner of any kind on our property, they must ask for permission so that we can be sure that it is mounted safely and does not include, for example, advertising. Reasonable requests to fly the American flag have never been denied by CF Industries. Workers do not need to ask permission to display the American flag on shirts, helmets, or in car windows.

“Will this crew then be allowed to fly their flags on Monday when they return to work in the same fashion they have been since December?” we asked directly.

“They have to ask for permission per our site policy so that we can ensure the safety of the thousands of workers on site. But as we said, we have never turned down reasonable requests to fly the American flag,” Mr. Close replied.

“One other thing to point out: we will turn down requests if an item is not mounted safely or if someone wants to display advertising. But wanting to fly the American flag itself is never a reason to turn a request down,” he added.

After speaking with Close, we reached out to Jarome Hatch, a member of the crew, who thanked BPR and informed us that he just left a meeting in which the crew was told their vehicles, with American flags attached, are now allowed back on the property as long as they are properly fastened and the speed limit is obeyed.

Some members of the crew posted pictures on social media to celebrate the victory.

Photo via Favebook.

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


64 thoughts on “Exclusive: Iron workers claim victory; fly Old Glory high and proud

  1. MsRR says:

    NEVER should have happened in the first place!!!

  2. “they must ask for permission so that we can be sure that it is mounted safely and does not include, for example, advertising.”

    If it’s my car, why should it matter if it includes a flag or advertising? What’s wrong with advertising? A lot of contractors put advertising on their cars, example: “Jerry’s Plumbing.’

  3. Kamelhaj says:

    If this was a “safety issue”, then why did it apply only to American flags?

  4. Bob in Florida says:

    Good job, Gentlemen!

    Thanks for standing up for the principles that made Old Glory the symbol of the greatest country on earth.
    Now, just don’t let a couple of the boys go nuts and spoil it for everyone else.
    Enjoy your win and use it wisely.

    Thanks to each and everyone that stood up for what is right . . . . and, thank you for company management that was wise enough to know what was the right way to respond.

  5. Aftersun says:

    Liberals hate the American flag. They have for years. Here locally we had a similar issue back in 2011 with one of our coal mines and they got pressure from the workers, their family and the entire surrounding counties. I knew the guy who was behind it and he was a big liberal and his twitter comments echoed not only his politics but also how he blamed America for all the world’s problems. Keep that in mind if and when something like this happens in your town.

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