BLM protesters, Trump supporters CLASH at most ‘intense’ rally yet; reporter says downright ‘scary’

Donald Trump‘s bid for the White House has been one wild ride and nowhere is that more evident than at his campaign events.

A rally Friday in New Orleans is being lauded as the most volatile yet; Black Lives Matter protesters turned out to disrupt the event and were met by a sea of angry Trump supporters. Things got intense as the two sides clashed, with NBC correspondent Katy Tur describing the atmosphere as “scary.”

Naturally, the candidate had little tolerance for the protesters, responding as you might expect: “Get out of here! Trouble makers.”

The protesters were eventually ejected by security, but there were plenty of video clips posted on social media capturing the intense moments.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter:

Being that is was New Orleans, the atmosphere outside the event took on more of a Mardi Gras feel to it:

Here’s an extended video that better captured the raucous scene:

*Caution: Extreme Language*

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319 thoughts on “BLM protesters, Trump supporters CLASH at most ‘intense’ rally yet; reporter says downright ‘scary’

  1. faithandhonor says:

    The little fat guy with the white stripe in his hair looked like a little fag*ot wrist-limp swisher.

  2. Swifty_s says:

    The useful idiot BLM protesters disrupt a peaceful rally, and security are called violent for throwing the bums out?

    Only those still stupid enough to believe the race baiting rhetoric of the bought and paid for mainstream media would fall for ORGANISED stunts like this.

    I’m not a Trump supporter but I’ve seen the work of the establishment many times and this is it. They feed both sides of the dialectic, supply the bullets, then retire into the background and screw everybody on both sides while you are distracted.

    It’s the equivalent of that kid at school who spreads a rumor that Billy Bob called you names, then does the same about you denigrating Billy Bob. While you two are in the principles office for fighting and being stripped of your chances of going to the prom, he’s out telling the cheerleader how delinquent you BOTH are and convincing her that he would be a better choice for the prom.

    You are ALL being suckered..

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