Watch Trump provide debate moderators ‘redeeming evidence’ during break

Donald Trump corrected the record.

During Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, the party’s front-runner got defensive over Trump University when it was mentioned that the Better Business Bureau had given it a D- rating.

So during a commercial break he got to work.

He got the bureau to fax him a copy of the school’s current rating and he handed what he undoubtedly hoped to be redeeming evidence to the debate moderators. Independent Journal was present to record that moment and tweeted:

That evening, the real estate developer posted what he’d handed to the debate moderators on his Facebook page — the updated rating, along with this statement:

“Here is the Better Business Bureau report, with an ‘A’ grade for Trump University.

Source: Facebook

Trump never got the chance to announce the updated ratings because all that was left on the debate was the candidates’ closing statements.


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