Unapologetic Hollywood star dishes on why Trump’s his pick for president

BaldwinOne of the reasons actor Stephen Baldwin is a fan of Donald Trump is because the Republican presidential candidate does not care what anyone thinks.

The actor, starring in the new movie “God’s Club,” shared why he thinks Trump is the best candidate in “The Church Boys” podcast on The Blaze TV this week.

“I like Donald Trump because — I said this to Don Lemon on CNN a week before the first Republican national debate — I said, ‘I like Donald Trump as a man, I like Donald Trump potentially as a president, because he doesn’t care what you think,'” Baldwin said.

Appearing, and being “fired” twice, on “Celebrity Apprentice” gave Baldwin a personal perspective of the GOP front-runner as someone who does not worry about being politically correct.

“I think it’s refreshing that he messes it up sometimes,” Baldwin said, adding that while Trump cares about people’s opinions, he “wants what’s best for the country and the people. He’s just not going to compromise.”

Baldwin believes Trump is “the one guy that will really do his very best to do what he says he’s going to do without compromise,” noting that Trump is blessed with a great family and has “lived the American dream.”

Though to the public Trump comes across aggressively as “uncomfortably arrogant,” Baldwin does not think that’s who the billionaire really is.

“I think that’s part of the strategy he implements in business and what he does to succeed. Underneath it I really just think he’s a family guy,” Baldwin said. “He’s more down-to-earth than people realize.”

Listen to Baldwin in the podcast segment below.


(H/T: The Blaze)


15 thoughts on “Unapologetic Hollywood star dishes on why Trump’s his pick for president

  1. tsigili says:

    The “actors” are Cruz and Rubio. They pretend to be conservatives, while supporting the liberal agenda on issues. Neither has one single accomplishment in the Senate. Indeed, the entire Senate has not one single accomplishment in the past 9 years, since Reid took control of the Senate. Since McConnell re-took control, the Senate still has not one single accomplishment. NOTHING!

    1. CLASYS says:

      They consider “accomplishments” presenting a bill Obama won’t sign, and then want credit for spending hundreds of hours, fully knowing it is a waste of time. We don’t need “symbolic” voting; that’s what democraps do.

    2. Garys_opinion says:

      Obviously you don’t know much about Cruz.

      1. AnyKenny says:

        Cruz has my vote in the primary election. I was courting Donald for a while but Cruz is solid.

      2. Sarah417 says:

        Obviously you don’t know much about Cruz. Cruz surrounds himself with globalists. His wife employed by Goldman Sachs and on sabbatical to help run Cruz’s presidential campaign is also a member in good standing with the CFR. His advisers are Kissinger, Zig Brezinski, Elliot abrams and his foreign policy adviser is James Woolsey, CIA Dir under Bill Clinton. The pro-amnesty group, Club For Growth, gave Cruz $705,857. So just who is Cruz working for, Club For Growth or the American people who don’t want amnesty? He is a politician/lawyer they are trained to lie.

        1. pamlois says:

          The old guard is desperate. Evidently, they stand to lose as much as the liberals. We need DT in there!!

          1. Sarah417 says:

            Yes, yes we do need Donald Trump. He is everything that the RNC/GOP hate. He is a capitalist, he believes in the free market, he’s honest, straight forward, he’s not perfect, but then who is. He says he will negotiate with China, he has in the past. He says he likes Putin, he’s a nice guy, he could get alone with him so let’s hope that all these eternal wars will stop or at least subside. I’m tired of war and so is everybody else. The establishment believes the only way to put money in their pockets is war. this is why the American Marxist cabal has created and continue to create more wars. It has to stop with this election and perhaps the Donald can do it..

    3. jimshaw54 says:

      Look again at the records you scorn. It is Obama, which is a president I highly suspect you admire, who accomplished nothing in the few months he was actually working as a senator.

  2. Josef Roesler says:

    Didn’t bother reading it. This family of losers was supposed to have left America when Bush got elected, along with Barbara Streisand. Why are they still here? But this is more good reason Trump is a fraud. Good job so called republicans voting with liberal douchebags.

    1. wxman says:

      Umm, Stephen Baldwin is a lifelong conservative.

      1. Josef Roesler says:

        I figgered he was a liberal douche like Alec.

        1. flintlock1949 says:

          Nope! He’s one of us! How it happened in that family, and in Hollywood, has to be a major miracle!

  3. Herbert Dunwash says:

    Stephen Baldwin? What a surprise!

    1. flintlock1949 says:

      No surprise. He’s a long time Conservative! The surprise is that his family hasn’t had him “disappeared” because of it!

  4. jimshaw54 says:

    If Trump doesn’t care anything about what others think about him and his ideas that is one of the largest traits of dictators and one of the best reasons for NOT voting for him. Our president is supposed to care about the voters, not about his own ideas only, and everyone I have ever known who didn’t care what others thought about him or her were too narcissistic to care about anyone but himself/herself.
    We already have a president that doesn’t care what the people think, just what he thinks is best for us. Is that what we want in a president, and even more important is that how our country became the freest country in the world.

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