Buried knife FOUND at OJ Simpson estate; ‘secret’ investigation pending, sources say

Could this be the knife used to murder Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman?

Construction crews working on O.J. Simpson‘s old estate uncovered a knife buried on the perimeter years ago but it is just now being tested by the Los Angeles Police Department, TMZ reported.

According to the report, the knife was found by a construction worker who gave it to an off-duty traffic cop. This occurred anywhere between 1998, when the house was torn down, to “several years ago.”

The retired officer who was given the knife took it home and kept it for years until January of this year when he contacted a friend from the department to ask for the Department record number of the Goldman/Brown murder case to engrave it on a frame he was putting the knife in.

The officer he contacted was outraged that the evidence was kept from the department and contacted his superiors who demanded he turn the knife over to them.

The knife is currently undergoing forensic testing for fingerprints and hair and will be moved to the Serology Unit next week where it will be tested for biological evidence and DNA, TMZ reported.

Sources who have seen the knife believe it could have blood residue on it, according to TMZ.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted, therefore the case is still open, which allows the department to investigate the weapon.

However, Simpson cannot be tried again for the murders due to the double jeopardy rule.

For more on the type of knife used in the murder click here for information from the coroner in 1996 via USA Today.

Watch the report below.

Carmine Sabia


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