One thousand plan to walk out during Trump’s CPAC speech, if you believe THIS guy

A major walkout is planned against Donald Trump at CPAC 2016, or so claims one fervent anti-Trumpster.

William Temple, known by some as the 1776 man, is organizing the walkout in the same manner he did against Jeb Bush last year.

“We’re here to walkout on Donald Trump on Saturday morning,” he told BizPac Review. “We’ve got over 1,000 people gonna get up and we’re gonna all walkout together.”

He said people from all over the country have come to participate in the protest.

“We’re walking out on Trump because he’s not Ted Cruz,” he said.

However, Temple did say that he would vote for Trump if he is the Republican nominee, but he’d “Have to hold my nose when I do it. Just like I did for Romney and just like I did for McCain.”

He’s not alone. There is a big anti-Trump sentiment at the event this year.

Watch the interview below.

Carmine Sabia


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