One thousand plan to walk out during Trump’s CPAC speech, if you believe THIS guy

A major walkout is planned against Donald Trump at CPAC 2016, or so claims one fervent anti-Trumpster.

William Temple, known by some as the 1776 man, is organizing the walkout in the same manner he did against Jeb Bush last year.

“We’re here to walkout on Donald Trump on Saturday morning,” he told BizPac Review. “We’ve got over 1,000 people gonna get up and we’re gonna all walkout together.”

He said people from all over the country have come to participate in the protest.

“We’re walking out on Trump because he’s not Ted Cruz,” he said.

However, Temple did say that he would vote for Trump if he is the Republican nominee, but he’d “Have to hold my nose when I do it. Just like I did for Romney and just like I did for McCain.”

He’s not alone. There is a big anti-Trump sentiment at the event this year.

Watch the interview below.

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


95 thoughts on “One thousand plan to walk out during Trump’s CPAC speech, if you believe THIS guy

  1. tbird90sc says:

    Why bother walking out, just stay out in the first place and stop wasting everyone’s time, the adults are trying to get things done here.

  2. TheTider says:

    If this isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve heard it’s pretty close! I know we all have different views but this has to top the stupidity chart. #TRUMP2016

  3. David Tierney says:

    All you stupid anti Trump assholes will be crying if Trump loses the election because nothing will change. We will be inundated with refugees and illegals and will probably lose our 1st, 2nd, probably 3rd, definately the 4th, 9th, 10th as Obama has already shown us, 12th for sure, already happened, (electorate college) 13th when the NWO takes control, 15th very soon if not already here in some instances, 16th will expand taxes for sure, etc…. ammendment rights.
    The Constitution will be null and void within 12 years if Hillary wins the election and possibly of one of the Rinos wins the election. We have only 2 choices, Trump or a career politician named Cruz. No one else can save this Country. I wil stick with the guy who can a tually save this Country from itself, Donald Trump.
    May God bless America because the GOP and the Democratic party certainly won’t.

  4. Jjb54 says:

    Admittedly I am a conservative and lately I’m not sure I want to admit it.

    Here is why: What exactly and specifically has that movement actually accomplished?
    ……. NOTHING …… IF we are honest.

    Look at who was “CONservative” and voted INTO offices over the past few years (Since 2014).

    What have they accomplished???

    Again: NOTHING.

    Some of them even literally “sold us out”, if we are honest.

    So what exactly has the “Conservative Movement” accomplished, except that WE found, they too fall to the temptations and power of $$$ by being elected and well ….. they keep asking for MORE $$$.

  5. bufford54 says:

    Why walk out……don’t walk in!

  6. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says:

    CPAC is a misnomer, since the people that go there are more Democrat than conservative, or at least RINOs. They are just mad because Trump had the last laugh, and left them looking like the idiots they are. #TRUMP2016

  7. Tiger says:

    This is most likely why Trump did not attend. He outsmarts them every time. He should not have gone there with Rubio, I heard that exchange today on the news. Shame on both of them. Trump needs to just continue traveling the U.S. doing Town Halls. He also needs to start visiting some military hangouts like VFW etc. Stick with the people they are the one’s who vote.

    The entire Republican RINO Conservative nudwicks have gone crazy and their animosity makes them look even more guilty of being filled with fear of losing this country. Trump is taking away their pacifiers, the lobbyists and big business worried they won’t run the government anymore.

  8. Mary Sekera says:

    Last I heard, Donald Trump will NOT attend. He’s going to do heavy campaigning in Florida and Ohio before their Primaries take place. Sooooo, good luck on that walk-out!!

  9. Call it Out says:

    For a more thorough article on Cruz check out News With Views re: Kelleigh Nelson or Devy Kidd. They do their homework!

  10. Sparkle Plenty says:

    William Temple should be ashamed of himself. He holds his nose and votes for whoever his overlords tell him to vote for?? He disgraces the name of 1776. Our Founding Fathers would spit on him for being such a coward. If this is what a “conservative” now consists of, I want no part of it!!

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