Heated ‘little Marco’ and ‘big Don’ exchange enrages debate viewers

Was last night’s GOP debate the first to be won by remaining silent?

Donald Trump continued his personal attacks on Sen. Marco Rubio at the Fox News debate in Detroit Thursday, and referred to the Florida Republican as “this little guy.”

When moderator Chris Wallace asked the real estate mogul about his clothing line, some of which is made in Mexico and overseas, Trump kept his eyes on Wallace but pointed to Rubio.

“This little guy has lied so much about my record,” he replied, ignoring the question.

“Here we go!” Rubio put in.

Trump boasted about his business career, before Wallace steered Trump back to the question, asking him how soon will he move his clothing line back to the United States.

Trump said he would like to, but claimed that because China and Mexico devalue their currency, they make it impossible to manufacture clothing inside the United States.

Rubio responded by noting that all his campaign merchandise is manufactured in the United States and added that Trump never answers the questions that are posed to him.

Trump repeatedly called Rubio “little Marco,” prompting Rubio to answer, “OK, big Don.”

It wasn’t long before the exchange devolved into indecipherable cross-talk.

Watch the clip via Fox News.

Pollster Frank Luntz tweeted:

Those who responded weren’t happy with what they were seeing.


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