Trump goes for Romney’s jugular before ‘state of race’ speech; scathing new ad highlights hypocrisies

Sensing an attack coming from Mitt Romney Thursday, Donald Trump delivered a blow of his own with a video calling into question the 2012 Republican presidential nominee’s flip-flopping and conservative principles.

Romney announced Wednesday that he will deliver a “state of the 2016 presidential race” address that many speculate will be primarily directed against the GOP presidential front-runner.

Trump also posted this tweet:

One of the issues Trump has fought since making his presidential bid is the real estate developer’s own flip-flopping on issues and self-avowed conversion from liberal to conservative over the last couple of years.

The former Massachusetts governor has been critical of Trump in the past. Late last month he called upon the billionaire businessman to release his tax returns, claiming the information they provide may be a “bombshell” to his campaign.

Trump posted this video, “Mitt Romney Not Conservative,” with the message “We will make America great again” on his Facebook page in an effort to take some of the sting out of the attacks he assumes Romney will make in his address.

Within seven hours of posting the video, more than 31,000 people reacted to it, including nearly 7,000 shares.


Posted by Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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178 thoughts on “Trump goes for Romney’s jugular before ‘state of race’ speech; scathing new ad highlights hypocrisies

  1. djr4nger says:

    Great. Now we’re hearing from the Mormon contingent. Both Glenn Beck and Romney bashing Trump now. There’s no agenda here, people (with sarcasm)! I put my support and my faith in Mitt Romney in 2012, and he thanked me by running a weak, pathetic excuse for a campaign against an opponent he could and should have beat, giving us a disastrous four more years of Obama. Thanks Mitt. If you had gone after Obama with the same fervor you are now going after Trump, you might have won. If you had tried harder and ran a more aggressive campaign against Obama, I could at least respect you for giving it your best. Instead, you let us down. YOU LET US DOWN. That’s why your attacks on Trump are laughable and you are irrelevant.

  2. Chase-It says:

    Seems like everyday now they are panicking and come up with another loser to try and take down Trump. How’s that working out?
    Trump 2016

    1. WatchingTheFall says:

      Yeah they trot out daddy mitt to read us a bedtime story like the children that we are. F that scumbag. I don’t take advice from religious fanatics who live in ivory towers.

  3. Judith says:

    If Hillary wins because of this debacle the GOP should be destroyed, and like the Phoenix rise and be reborn as a new populist/common sense party,

  4. M&M says:

    Mitt Romney Praises Donald Trump! So @MittRomney Praised @realDonaldTrump in 2012 when he needed his help but now he has turned on him? What a dishonest donor owned ‪#‎RINO‬ Hypocrite! ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬ & Share This!

  5. HOFFHACK says:

    If I were Trump, I would tell Romney to K.M.A. I don’t take advice from a TWO TIME LOSER!

  6. rphunter says:

    I have to agree with Trump on this one. Mitt Romney is a loser. Why would we want to back a loser, instead of a choice of three potential winners?

  7. Myyyopinion says:

    Donald Trump promise to stick with the republicans and not go independent for
    their support. SHAME ON YOU MITT! I use to like Romney and Rubio, I now DESPISE
    THEM! Romney did lose last election, I watched it closely. He did not have what
    Donald has. I AM SO SICK AND TIRE OF THE OLD REPUBLICAN bureaucrat that can’t
    get anything done.

    A lot of media still
    just don’t get it about Donald Trump in the first place. Obviously a lot of
    media or talk show host have good jobs with good benefits and are not a small,
    self employed businessman or contractor. Obviously these media people don’t
    have Obamacare. Obviously media personal never had problems with having been
    discriminated from a bank or had to threaten a bank to sue them for
    being denied a loan for having excellent credit! Yea, I got my loan
    after filing a federal complaint. In additional as a small business owner I
    have an Adjustable Loan that I cannot get refinance because of Dodd Frank law
    for already having four houses. You heard right people. A lot of
    people lost their houses with adjustable rate loans in 2008 crash, but because
    I have 4 houses with loans on them I CAN’T get that Adjustable loan REFINACE by
    the Dodd Frank Law! I bet a lot of people don’t know that. I
    bet sorry, no good Krauthammer(Fox commentator) has a good pension or 401K
    and not self employed with a Self Directed IRA. I used Fidelity Active
    Trader to make trades and I have watch someone key on my trades and popped
    in front of me a penny and walk me-up and I will get out and watch the same
    stock drop 4-5 cents. ( High Frequency Traders)( I see this on low
    volume trading like after hour trading). I see this week the SEC final got some
    people and awarded someone 750 million dollars. I been seeing this for years.
    I have lost my butt in the stock market, but if you work for the
    government, your pension is safe despite that pension
    heavy invested in oil stocks and down considerably because
    the government/Tax payers will cover it. I see Al Sharpton
    says that he already has a plane ticket to move outside the US if Donald Trump
    is elected…That just secured my vote for Donald Trump. Now people now he
    knows how I feel when Obama got
    elected. I worked in China in 1996 and back the Chinese copied
    EVERYTHING. I am sure they still do. You should cringe every time you hear a
    Westerner company moving into the markets. I know of 3 different companies that
    had employers work during the day and copied the same product at night to start
    their own business. You need someone who understands how China has grow
    manificently in the last 30 years copied our stuff. I am tired of the close nitched Republicans
    not getting anything done in the last 8 years in Congress and their supporters
    (Koch brothers, Carl Rove)

  8. The TOW TIME LOSER Mittens Romney just needs to RIDE INTO THE SUNSET…

  9. DHardy says:

    Romney sold this country out..he is the biggest loser we have ever put our trust in….he needs to sit down and STFU….

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