Trump goes for Romney’s jugular before ‘state of race’ speech; scathing new ad highlights hypocrisies

Sensing an attack coming from Mitt Romney Thursday, Donald Trump delivered a blow of his own with a video calling into question the 2012 Republican presidential nominee’s flip-flopping and conservative principles.

Romney announced Wednesday that he will deliver a “state of the 2016 presidential race” address that many speculate will be primarily directed against the GOP presidential front-runner.

Trump also posted this tweet:

One of the issues Trump has fought since making his presidential bid is the real estate developer’s own flip-flopping on issues and self-avowed conversion from liberal to conservative over the last couple of years.

The former Massachusetts governor has been critical of Trump in the past. Late last month he called upon the billionaire businessman to release his tax returns, claiming the information they provide may be a “bombshell” to his campaign.

Trump posted this video, “Mitt Romney Not Conservative,” with the message “We will make America great again” on his Facebook page in an effort to take some of the sting out of the attacks he assumes Romney will make in his address.

Within seven hours of posting the video, more than 31,000 people reacted to it, including nearly 7,000 shares.


Posted by Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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178 thoughts on “Trump goes for Romney’s jugular before ‘state of race’ speech; scathing new ad highlights hypocrisies

  1. capers2 says:

    Romney, two (2) time loser, lectures everyone on how to win? There is only one word to describe Romney and the Republican “Establishment”; Feckless… They will meet the same fates as Eric Cantor who lost to grass-roots candidate Dave Brat,,,They tried the same thing against him and lost by twenty percent at the polls (that’s 20%). The constituency is more than p!ssed at representatives who do not represent their locality, district or state but rather the whims of the “Establishment” and whimper and fold to the Liberal, Democrats in a microsecond. The solution doesn’t cost a cent: Crush the “Establishment” at the polls…

  2. rrpjr says:

    I would hardly call this “going for the jugular.” This is a mild and generic critique of Romney’s conservative pedigree that feels rehashed from the 2012 primaries. If Trump wants to go for the jugular (which he should) he should declare why Romney and the entire GOP elite are trying to destroy his insurgent movement. He needs to be very clear about the GOP’s malicious intent to destroy him and crush the life out of his movement. He needs to inspire anti-establishment outrage and pin it on Romney and the elitist cabal in DC. He also needs to call Romney a spectacular loser who lost because he wouldn’t fight (i.e., a coward).

    1. John Campbell says:

      Trump certainly shuts down any politcal garbage based on the issues targeted by Trump and compared to Romney’s alleged conservatism, but Romney is trying to make something out of Trump’s past two years of taxes for whatever he can dig and I suspect it’s going to be filled with half truths that purposefully ignore the realities that Trump has long stated throughout his campaign.

      Regardless, the purpose is to force a delegate shift to create a brokered convention. From there delegates are for sale to the highest bidder. The announcement that the Koch brothers are not going to be picking a candidate made yesterday isn’t worth the paper that it was wrote on, a 400 million dollar war chest is not the only war chest they have, and they have already sent Paul Singer in twice, once for Jeb bush and later for Rubio. The “Open Borders” cabal is not limited to the Koch brothers and cohorts set aside fund. There are also House and Senate members to be bought, as we’ve already witnessed, and Trump has already laid out exactly how that works, not that many of us didn’t know it forever as it is, but when it comes from the horses mouth that leaves little to question.

      As Trump so accurately stated, he’s fighting globalists who hold no allegiance to this nation and anything that destroys our national boundaries that will allow for or continue to allow for benefiting those who financially prey upon that are the ones who are going to come out of the woodwork to fight Trump. Remember when Trump spoke of the “hedge fund boys” and how they were not going to be happy with him? When your wealth is based on selling out this nations soul because you hold no allegiance to any nation it’s not likely you’re going to worry about bleeding it dry and moving on the next one. Paul Singer, George Soros, the Koch brothers, Marc Short, and on and on………. For the globalist socialist that’s convenient too because the U.S. is the one thorn in their side that prevents them from getting their desire. Strange bedfellows to be sure, but bedfellows nonetheless.

      The one thing these “Open Borders” bunch didn’t count on was the rise of a multi billionaire with a patriotic streak.

      TRUMP 2016

      1. rrpjr says:

        I agree. But Trump needs to be clearer about these machinations. This “I’m a unifier” stuff is a mistake right now. He didn’t become the phenomenal leader of unifier movement, but an insurgent, anti-establishment movement.

        1. John Campbell says:

          When Democrats start jumping ship to get away from socialist traitors and head straight for Trump, he is the great unifier.

          TRUMP 2016

          1. rrpjr says:

            Yes, but he was only unifying through a vast disgust with the establishment. Saying he can work with the establishment is not going to unify anybody. The outcasts don’t want to hear it, and the establishment hates him and would only work with him at the point of an electoral gun.

          2. John Campbell says:

            The bottom line is the proverbial bottom line. Don’t like the the wall? It just got ten feet taller. Now would like to talk? No? Add another ten feet. Ready to talk yet? That’s the “art of the deal.” :o)

            Same thing applies to dealing with Reps on the take. Expose them for being on the take and the voters suddenly start making considerations. For example, Rubio actually talks a good game in platitudes, with the exception of his views on our borders which we already know are bought and paid for and by whom. The platitudes are highly questionable though for the canned speech that he only delivers from memorizing, not from the heart. He’s an actor. Rubio is not going to go against his biggest backers no matter what he says to the people and everyone knows it. However, Rubio isn’t going to go against the voters either on everything else so now it’s down to him trying to keep his job dealing with votes at election time versus his financial advertising war chest sources who disagree with the actual voters. Oh, the fun we can have with that one. :o)

            PS. If you thought Spy Vs. Spy was funny, wait until you get a load of Lobbyist Vs. Lobbyist and done with it being exposed to the public in real time. :o)

  3. Stephanie Sharf says:

    Mittens has been brought in to take Trump down, man the barriers, this is scary . Trump will eat Mitten’s lunch with a side of little Marco and still have the energy to take on Cruz and Hildabeast.

  4. h56jh says:

    I’m not holding my nose this election and voting for who the establishment wants me to vote for. Go Trump

  5. WatchingTheFall says:

    Hey Mitt, why don’t you crawl back to your pearly white cathedral in psycho cult land, nobody cares what you think or say scumbag.

  6. gregzotta says:

    The hypocrisy of loser Mitt Romney showed on his inane anti-Trump speech. Romney is the Establishment RINO POS the people are fed up with. Romney is an Establishment RINO, who did not want to win the presidency in 2012; just ask Romney’s son who made the revelation. Nevertheless, it was clear that Mittens did not want to win by how he handled the second and subsequent debate, along with how he ran his campaign. Now Romney, this loser, is back on the stage giving advice to the candidates. He needs to STFU and get off the stage.

    There were many reasons why you lost the presidential election in 2012, on top was you were Obama like. Mitt Romney, you did not recant your version of Obamacare or Obamneycare. You justified it claiming a government mandate by the state is constitutional. An unconstitutional mandate is an unconstitutional mandate, whether it is from the Federal Government or the State Government. You support ethanol subsidies. Ethanol subsidies are costly and lead to food inflation. All subsidies need to be ended. You are a GREENER, who believes in the HOAX of Global Warming and supports Cap and Trade, which is about CONTROL over our thermostats. You have contributed to the abortion mill Planned Parenthood.

    1. Friend Of St. Frank says:

      I am a scientist-Ph.D. ecologist who knows that global warming is a crock and also is quite aware that the powers that be since 2009 have been quite careful not to bring in alternative energy for the poor such as the air car (perfected in 2006 by two different countries and an American purchased the rights in 2009 and has been trying to get permission to build it here-runs like a steam engine), the motorcycle driven car that gets 86 miles to the gallon (freedom motors tried to do that in 2009 and was bankrupted by our government), the solar car, central heat and air that runs on trash, the electric toilet, or any other innovation that the poor or average American could afford. Further, they ignore the ecological damage of electric vehicles that poison the ground as much as the gas car poisons the air, the solar and wind farms which will cause major environmental damage by causing droughts and disrupting the food chain on and on and on.

      And the cap and trade thing is hillarious. Uh, we are going to stop pollution by having the federal government use Goldman Sachs to sell carbon credits to everyone. Oh, wow and what would that accomplish even if the global warming idiocy based on the fraudulent work of Dr. M. Mann at PSU (home of Jerry Sandusky) was real? Not a thing except give more money to the worthless federal government.

      So, just going off on a tangent to say you are 150% correct. 100 up votes from you comment.

      1. tedlv says:

        I’m an Engineer. I have worked for years with a variety of scientists. Not one thinks humans cause any measurable impact to the climate.

  7. Friend Of St. Frank says:

    Interesting. When Romney ran in 2012 and Trump supported him, he yammered on and on about how Trump was right about employment, how Trump was right for standing up to China, etc. I just listened to Romney’s ‘talk’. Essentially Trump is a ridiculous clown who should not be president and anyone who supports him is a sucker and a simpleton. Oh, my.

    Not a single comment on Romney’s speech supports Romney-not a one. The more the media, Hollywood, the democrat and republican elite scream and yell about Donald Trump, the more people will support him.

    All of these establishment rich and powerful people don’t get it. They don’t understand the people are tired to death of them, tired to death of being told what we can think, how we behave, what we can eat, what we should support and what we should not. They need to watch the old movie “Network”-“We are mad as h- and we are not going to take it anymore.” Politicians are not our bosses, they are only there to represent our interests. Hollywood is not our bosses, they are only there to provide entertainment, The media is not our bosses, they are only there to report events rather than push opinions.

    Donald Trump is not the clown. All these other groups are the clowns. They don’t understand that people have no respect for them nor do they believe their opinions should be the gospel to the common person. Further, they do not understand social psychology. The more you make something a taboo, in this case Donald Trump, the more people will engage in taboo behaviors, in this case supporting Donald Trump.
    Further, calling people simpletons, stupid, and suckers (the 3 s’s) is not going to gain their support.

    Fools all, every last one of them.

    1. SusieQ says:

      See if you can find the clip of Romney praising Trump when he asked for Trump’s support during his campaign while running for president. Why the change of tune? Very odd.

    2. Judith says:

      OMG an excellent post. I use that quote from Network all the time.

  8. aliswell says:


  9. 1qaz says:

    Lightweight. Nice guy (personally). Tough Leader….NO.

    Good riddance, nice guy. We need some nuts in our prez.

  10. Bill Howard says:

    I trusted Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan before, and he left he holding an empty bag of hopes!! As the old saying goes, you fool me once shame on you, you fool me twice shame on me!! Well, there aint gonna be any second chance for a whining, weak establishment puke like Mitt Romney!!!!!!!

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