Trump goes for Romney’s jugular before ‘state of race’ speech; scathing new ad highlights hypocrisies

Sensing an attack coming from Mitt Romney Thursday, Donald Trump delivered a blow of his own with a video calling into question the 2012 Republican presidential nominee’s flip-flopping and conservative principles.

Romney announced Wednesday that he will deliver a “state of the 2016 presidential race” address that many speculate will be primarily directed against the GOP presidential front-runner.

Trump also posted this tweet:

One of the issues Trump has fought since making his presidential bid is the real estate developer’s own flip-flopping on issues and self-avowed conversion from liberal to conservative over the last couple of years.

The former Massachusetts governor has been critical of Trump in the past. Late last month he called upon the billionaire businessman to release his tax returns, claiming the information they provide may be a “bombshell” to his campaign.

Trump posted this video, “Mitt Romney Not Conservative,” with the message “We will make America great again” on his Facebook page in an effort to take some of the sting out of the attacks he assumes Romney will make in his address.

Within seven hours of posting the video, more than 31,000 people reacted to it, including nearly 7,000 shares.


Posted by Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, March 2, 2016


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