Herman Cain calls GOP establishment ‘absolutely insane’ for not falling in line with Trump

Donald Trump and many of his supporters have smartly taken what some conservatives see as an argument over principles, and turned the focus into an epic battle between the “establishment” and the folks.

Joining that reasoning is 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain, who says “it’s absolutely insane” that the establishment doesn’t fall in line with the real estate tycoon.

“I believe that the American people, through these first group of presidential primaries, they’re making a very strong statement by supporting Donald Trump,” Cain said Wednesday during an appearance on Fox News’ “Cavuto.”

Critics would argue that the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza is stretching it to use the term “American people” when Trump has yet to earn the support of a majority of Republican voters.

“And for the establishment or these intellectual conservatives to be against Trump and actively working against him, I believe it’s absolutely insane,” Cain said. “One of the reasons that the Republican Party has suffered some damage control over the past several years, in terms of that brand, is because they’re not listening to the people.”

When asked about comments made by the 2012 presidential GOP nominee Mitt Romney about Trump’s tax returns, Cain first hit Romney for trying to “throw a grenade out there in order to create some discussion and some controversy,” then surprisingly said he does not believe any candidate should have to release their tax returns — so much for transparency.

Cain later went on “Hannity” to repeat his message. Based on the responses seen on social media, an already contentious 2016 election cycle promises to get even more intense.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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38 thoughts on “Herman Cain calls GOP establishment ‘absolutely insane’ for not falling in line with Trump

  1. Arizona Don says:

    As an American I will not be forced by these RINO establishment people to support their candidate choice again. We were in 08 and again in 12 never again. The people are trying to speak but people are being overshadowed by these establishment scum.

    Romney has, with his unfounded, unwarranted comments, shamed the whole of the republican party as well as the Mormon religion and I can only say if this continues they, the establishment, will wind up destroying the republican party completely. I can honestly say at this time I am ashamed I supported Mitt Romney for president in 12. Furthermore, I will admit those, millions of people, who refused to vote for Romney and stayed home were right and I was wrong.

    Donald Trump currently is expanding the party. The establishment is tearing it down. It is becoming more and more obvious these oppressive communists have infiltrated the republican party just as they are taking over the democratic party. However, why should we think they would not? Many Americans are saying there is little difference between the two leading parties currently. It is becoming more and more obvious that is true.

    The people want an outsider. They are fed up with the current do nothing politicians. Donald Trump is the only TRUE outsider currently vying for president. Others my present themselves as outsiders but are not! Cruz may be a rebel but certainly not an outsider.

    One final thought. I have never seen in all my 77 years a political time when people were tearing each other down as they are now. That seems to me to lead to voting for the lessor of two evils again. I would like a candidate I can be proud to vote for because he or she is the best candidate. What ever happened to promoting your principles, thoughts and interests rather they destroying an opponent in an effort to make yourself look good. Control belongs back in the hands of the states and the people and centralized federal government in Washington needs to be reduced in size and scope and laws must be passed to keep it there. Large government breeds corruption, the larger the government the more the corruption.

    There is only one thing for certain if we continue to be torn apart, as we are right now, we as a nation cannot survive.

  2. KC135TopBoom says:

    “Critics would argue that the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza is
    stretching it to use the term “American people” when Trump has yet to
    earn the support of a majority of Republican voters.”

    Read more: https://www.bizpacreview.com/2016/03/03/herman-cain-calls-gop-establishment-absolutely-insane-for-not-falling-in-line-with-trump-312405#ixzz41xNHzAE2

    Critics are selecting a very narrow view of the world. Between Trump and Cruz, the other candidate the GOP establishment won’t support, they do have the majority of Republican voters behind them. Rubio, the new establishment poster boy after Bush got sent packing (by the rank and file Republican voters), is staying between 20% and 24% of the GOP voters (most of them are firm establishment republicans). Rove, McConnell, Boehner, Ryan, Cornyn, McCain, Graham, and a host of others are misleading the GOP voters, and they are all anti-conservative (until it comes time for their own reelection, then “I’m a true conservative” comes out of their mouths every other sentence).

    It is these very folks who ruined the GOP by SURRENDERING to the DNC and Obama. McConnell, Cornyn, Ryan, and Boehner will never have the guts to run for POTUS, they are all cowards, and owned by the US Chamber of Commerce. McCain did run for POTUS (twice) and LOST big time in each attempt. Romney ran, too (twice) and lost big time. Do we want LOSERS to tell us who to vote for anymore?

  3. Russell Smith says:

    I really think at this stage of the game, that to send a clear message to the GOP Trump’s supporters should irrevocably state that they will sit out this election if the GOP does not stop attacking Donald Trump and get behind him as the GOP front runner, and should the GOP try to pull a brokered convention, then all Trump’s supporters WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT VOTE IN ANY ELECTION AT ALL, FOR ANY REPUBLICANS. Let them think on this for a few minutes and consider that they will potentially lose seats across the country everywhere and in both the House and Senate. They have already stated openly that they would give up the White House to defeat Trump to protect the House and Senate, so let them face the loss of everything. Burn them to the ground. There is coming a time when people are going to have to fight in this country be it with a republican government or a democrat government, so it will not matter, make them shite or get off the pot.

    1. jimshaw54 says:

      The same could be said for Cruz supporters. He is behind Trump but if Rubio wasn’t still in the race Cruz would be ahead of Trump. Trump would then cash in his marbles and go Independent. I am not a betting person, but I would bet on that happening.

  4. M&M says:

    The GOP did not like Mitt Romney in 2012, look at them now. They did not like the Tea Party in 2008 and still dont. they did nothing to help with the IRS attack. They do not like Rafael Cruz until now

  5. abbypatch says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, I will not vote for a con artist and cry baby. Trump is no more a Republican than the wind. He is, and always was, a DemonRat and has had a lot of dealings with George Soros. Let’s not forget who he includes as his friends: Michael Bloomberg, the soda dictator, Hill and Bill, and other DemonRats. His deals with Soros has also gotten him in deep doo-doo with the NY and Feds for anti-trust, and RICO lawsuits.

  6. bufford54 says:

    The good ol” boys club of America are getting very nervous their racketeering might soon come to an end!

  7. Sparkle Plenty says:

    If this election cycle doesn’t make it crystal clear that it’s We the People against this corrupt, filthy government than I don’t know what will. The GOP is showing their true colors in all their ugly glory. Basically telling the whole Country they’re going to hand the Presidency to the Dems because they can’t get their puppets elected. Like Huckabee said “Be lucky the American People are doing it with ballots instead of bullets”. Short of a full blown revolution Trump is our last chance to do this peacefully.

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