Dana Loesch on revenge vote: ‘I would love it if Trump was second coming of Reagan’

Conservative radio talk show host Dana Loesch said Donald Trump’s shifting policy positions over the years prevents her from making a commitment to support him.

Loesch discussed primary results on Fox News with Megyn Kelly on Tuesday, noting that a vote for Trump is “casting a vote for Hillary Clinton,” in a way. As a Ted Cruz supporter, Loesch conceded that she could get behind a candidate like Marco Rubio if he won the Republican nomination, but Trump does not have her convinced.

“I would love it if he was the second coming of Reagan,” Loesch said. “I want this country to do well. I’m not doing this out of pettiness or for any other reason, but I do have a genuine concern.”

While voter frustration with the the country’s direction is understandable, Loesch said she hoped Americans wouldn’t vote to “burn it all down” because “we’re going to be caught in those flames, too.”

“I hope that people, instead of voting for revenge, are voting for country and they’re keeping country in mind,” she added.

On the topic of gun rights and the Second Amendment, Loesch, the author of “Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America,” said Cruz has been the most consistent candidate in an issue she sees as a “deal breaker.”

Watch the discussion in the video below.




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