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Experiment showing dangers of kids and guns proves NRA’s been right all along

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An Iowa TV news station confirmed the legitimacy of a maxim the National Rifle Association has been preaching for decades — when it comes to gun safety, training, education and experience is everything.

WMML-TV let eight pre-schoolers and kindergarteners roam freely in a room containing toys, furniture and an unloaded handgun in a controlled experiment, along with the assistance of the Waterloo Police Department, as their mothers watched.

Police Lt. Aaron McClelland briefed the moms beforehand and showed them the gun that would be used.

“There’s no possibility that there can be an accident,” he explained to them. “No ammunition, the gun’s not functional. It just looks and feels — cause it is — an actual weapon.”

Although the gun was hidden from sight, it took a mere 15 seconds for one of them — Dominick — to find it.

“Uh oh there it is. Dominick got it.”

Dominick picked up the weapon and headed toward the door. Then he stopped, turned around and returned it to the place he found it.

Another child picked it up and everyone ignored the toys — the firearm was what held their attention.

Before long the gun was passed around and even pointed at one another as their parents watched via closed circuit TV.

“Oh! Oh my goodness! Oh my god! He’s shooting my daughter!” one mom said.

However, two of the children resisted temptation and refused to handle the weapon. What made them special? The KWWL reporter had the answer.

“Those two children are the ones who have guns in their homes and their parents have talked extensively about guns so therefore their curiosity is gone,” she said.

Watch the report via KWWL-TV.

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