Yikes! Sean Hannity just opened a giant can of whoopass on Ann Coulter over one tweet

Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter touched off a nerve in Fox News host Sean Hannity, and threw what was the opening salvo in a skirmish between the two.

It all began when she reminded him of his support for the “Gang of Eight” comprehensive immigration bill that Sen. Marco Rubio, the Republican senator from Florida who’s now in a presidential run, had co-drafted.

Coulter tweeted:

But Hannity reminded Coulter that she omitted the rest of the story and tweeted:

And just to emphasize that were all fallible, he gave her this reminder of her own foibles and mis-judgments.

And he continued with the Coulter-directed barrage, bringing to mind the Shakespeare line, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Only in this case, Hannity is playing the role of “the lady.”

He continued:

Apology? She apologized? He never gave her the chance to get a word in edgewise.

And Coulter totally ignored the Fox News host’s barrage — she was too busy tweeting about the lack of border security.

As for Hannity, really, he probably made his point in the first couple of tweets.

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56 thoughts on “Yikes! Sean Hannity just opened a giant can of whoopass on Ann Coulter over one tweet

  1. Oldnintheway says:

    FOX has accepted the RNC directive to portray Mr Trump unfavorably …
    Their viewership has taken a hit, and now find themselves in a virtual tie with CNN..

    1. abbypatch says:

      Portray Trump unfavorably? Where have you been living? He’s on their show via phone or in person almost every day. I just can’t stand to hear Trump’s bullscat but I watch and listen because it’s more like a comedy show at that point.

      He did get mad at Chris Wallace when Chris tried to get him to answer a question truthfully, but Trump would have none of it. He just can’t tell the truth and he’s always crying the blues about how the Republican party and Fox treats him so unfairly. Well, if they do, how come he’s still running on the R ticket and being interviewed by Fox? I’m surprised he didn’t threaten to sue them yet.

  2. R T Deco says:

    Man, I hate Twitter.

    1. AnyKenny says:

      I was going to say the exact same thing.

    2. Today22011 says:

      Twitter is for sound bites and witty (occasionally) chat

  3. 1NJNurse1 says:

    I guess Hannity was really mad but we certainly should not be attacking each other. That happens way to much from the dems leftists communist party.

  4. seazen says:

    Another serious example of the level of debate amongst the 3rd grade pundits in the Sandbox of Fear and Hate. Almost as enlightening as the Republican debates!

    1. ron2win2 says:

      The whiner speaks .

      1. seazen says:

        i was just noticing that the “giant can of whupass” referred to in the headline was just some lame, adolescent tweets. Or, in some minds, they might have been profound.

      2. tedlv says:

        You misspelled “squeaks”. /s

      3. seazen says:

        And what were Sean Hannity and Ms Coulter doing? Engaging in serious adult conversation?

  5. ADLoggy says:

    Will never have a Twitter account. This just validates my decision.

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