Trump calls judge in pending Trump-U lawsuit ‘hostile’ and ‘Hispanic’ – he may ask for recusal

With rival Marco Rubio having made now-defunct Trump University campaign fodder during Thursday’s presidential debate, Republican front-runner Donald Trump took to defending the school Saturday on the stump.

“There are people who borrowed $36,000 to go to Trump University, and they’re suing now,” Rubio said at the debate. “And you know what they got? They got to take a picture with a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump.”

Trump denied Rubio’s claim that the university was a “fake school” and made light of several lawsuits he is facing, to include one case of fraud where the real estate tycoon is expected to testify, calling the issue “a small deal, very small.”

In a case filed in New York, Trump suggested it had political implications involving President Barack Obama and in a case in California he implied the judge is hostile because he is Hispanic, otherwise the candidate insisted he would have already won the case.

“The judge should have thrown the case out on summary judgment,” Trump said at rally in Arkansas. “But because it was me and because there’s a hostility toward me by the judge, tremendous hostility, beyond belief––I believe he happens to be Spanish, which is fine, he’s Hispanic, which is fine, and we haven’t asked for a recusal, which we may do, but we have a judge who’s very hostile.”

It remains to be seen how that sentiment will be received by Hispanic voters.

Tom Tillison


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