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Video exclusive: Marine booted from Clinton rally pours his heart out after event in emotional interview

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The Marine who was kicked out of a Hillary Clinton rally last week in South Carolina gave a passionate interview outside the recreation center.

He praised the police officers who removed him and shared his contempt for the former secretary of state who had no regard for the lives of his brothers.

The man, who identified himself only as a Marine Sergeant, explained to freelance travel journalist T.J. Champitto of  TheBlazingNomad.com why he was so animated when he asked former president Bill Clinton to answer for his wife’s incompetence.

[wpvideo 7GCsxZhB]

“Benghazi was a direct result of failed performance of Hillary Clinton,” the Marine who said he served for five years in an infantry unit and three years training recruits on Parris Island, told Champitto. “She failed to perform. Not only that but she lied about it and she tried to cover it up.

Watch the NEVER BEFORE SEEN Footage Of Marine And Companion Being Kicked Out.

“That’s disgusting, it’s disgraceful, it’s a violation of the law,” he told Champitto. “Therefore she needs to face the court of law and be sentenced, to life essentially, for failing so much and lying to the fallen’s parents.

“It’s unimaginable to think that this woman still has supporters. It’s crazy.”

The Sergeant said he is a supporter of law enforcement and even though they are the one’s who escorted him from the building he said they “did it in the most gentle, professional way.”

He added that he expected the vitriolic response he received from the crowd gathered to hear former President Bill Clinton.

“The crowd doesn’t want to believe the truth and they don’t care, obviously, about the fallen Americans over there,” he said. “It’s a mental disorder that these people have.”

Full interview courtesy of T.J. Champitto of TheBlazingNomad.com. Follow T.J. Champitto on Twitter.

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