Gasp! Trump caught saying goodbye to Christie – wait until you see this CRAZY haters’ spin!

Donald Trump haters are going a little insane.

Trump said “goodbye” to his good friend and new supporter Chris Christie before pointing him to his plane on Saturday.

To the normal-thinking person, even if you don’t support Trump or Christie, this was a polite parting of ways after a job well done, but spin doctors worked overtime to make it much more sinister.

In fact, they just interpreted it the way they wanted it to be and called it a day.

Get in the plane and go home. It’s over there. Go home,” Trump told Christie in an exchange caught on a so-called hot mic after the New Jersey governor had just gotten done praising the billionaire and shredding Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Trump detractors seized on the opportunity to bash Trump for what they decided was him being rude to Christie.

On Saturday night Dan Scavino, the Trump campaign’s social media director, explained what happened and it was far more benign.

While some media outlets tried hard to paint a picture of Trump rudely dismissing Christie, the overwhelming majority of clear thinking people could easily tell what actually took place.


Carmine Sabia


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