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What happened to Cher? After intelligent theory about Rubio-Trump, she calls out big libs for butt-kissing

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It’s all about job security.

Liberal pop singer Cher has a possible answer to a question that’s been plaguing the masses: Why isn’t Sen. Marco Rubio unleashing on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump?

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough tweeted:

Politico thought it had the answer:

But is there more to the Florida Republican’s decision not to attack? Cher thinks so. She tweeted:

Even Cher’s followers agree that most of her political observations are pretty nutty.

But this one sounds reasonable … logical even, especially for Cher. 

Cher left one parting shot to CNN’s Don Lemon and the “Morning Joe” co-hosts:


Factor in one more point: Rubio’s senate term ends this year. Florida prohibits candidates from running for more than one office in an election. By running for the GOP presidential nomination, he’s giving up his senate seat so he has nothing else to fall back on.

H/T: Twitchy


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