Kanye West just got tweeted by Speaker Paul Ryan – really?

The world must have fallen off its axis because the Republican Speaker of the House just re-tweeted something from Kanye West – and for good reason!

West, having been going through a very public economic crisis, dug deep and tweeted some truth on Wednesday.

The tweet garnered so much attention and respect, Speaker Paul Ryan couldn’t resist spreading the word.

Wow. It’s hard to come by an endorsement like that.

The tweet has been gaining strength all day, and while people applauded Kanye, many simultaneously wondered how we all got here.

But there were plenty of folks who weren’t down with it:

Perhaps, it does make perfect sense after all.

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Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

"Nicole Haas is an author, activist, and writer of all things parenting, pop culture and politics. She seeks to champion truth and liberty with the hope that her children and future generations have a fighting chance."
Nicole Haas


2 thoughts on “Kanye West just got tweeted by Speaker Paul Ryan – really?

  1. tsigili says:

    There is no economic freedom, when you waste, millions of dollars, you easily made.

  2. Friend Of St. Frank says:

    Kayne, you are a wealth addict who thrives on wasting money and being possessed by possessions. Try this: “Involuntary poverty is the ugliest thing in the world. Voluntary poverty is the most beautiful thing in the world.” M. K. Gandhi. You don’t have to be possessed by your possessions anymore. Give up your wealth addiction now and realize their are more important things in life than things.

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