Gitmo detainee perks; healthcare that rivals US vets, video games, TV, books

Before President Obama’s last term ends, he is determined to make good on his promise to close Guantanamo Bay … but why?

If Gitmo should close, the remaining inmates will be transferred to prisons within U.S. borders that are far less accommodating than the cushy perks that come with a stay at the infamous prison in Cuba.

“We treat them with dignity and respect, even when they don’t deserve it,” a Gitmo guard said of the prisoners.

There has been a steady release of prisoners back to their homelands over the term of the Obama administration. Up to 30 percent have reportedly re-joined terrorist organizations.

Veteran Army National Guard Pete Hegseth served as security at Gitmo from 2004-2005, and took “Fox & Friends” on virtual tour within the facility that currently holds the remaining 90 detainees.

Hegseth pointed out that the inmates receive the same healthcare as our veterans, along with video games, 300 satellite TV stations, books, and movies for entertainment.

Hegseth said officials at Gitmo are frustrated that their voices aren’t being heard and want Americans to know that the facilities are first rate, and are run with professionalism and efficiency.

Efficiency in government? That’s something you don’t often hear happening within a bloated government. No wonder Obama wants to shut it down.

Hegseth argued transporting and trying detainees in the U.S. courts would be much more expensive than keeping Gitmo open.


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