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BLM tricks Hillary into reading her own damning quote in front of group; Internet loses it

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There is no safe space for Hillary Clinton.

During a swanky fundraising event Wednesday in South Carolina, Hillary was confronted by a Black Lives Matter activist who was upset about comments the Democrat presidential contender had made.

“We have to bring them to heel” is what Clinton said in 1996 while addressing at-risk juveniles, and is what made Ashley Williams piping mad. Williams held a sign displaying Clinton’s quote while clueless Hillary addressed the crowd. Finally, Hillary spotted her.

“OK, we’ll talk about it,” Hillary said after she read her own quote out loud and trying to understand what was on the sign.

“Will you apologize to black people for mass incarceration?” Williams asked Hillary.

Hillary tried, in vain, to appease Williams by telling her she’d be addressed, but Williams interrupted again.

“You called black people ‘super predators,’” Williams charged.

It wasn’t until then that Hillary’s “supporters” started to shout down Williams and informed the young lady that she was being rude.

It appeared Hillary was trying hard to control her temper before Williams was finally escorted by Secret Service from the event.

Unbelievably, the rude interruption isn’t what had people fired up. It was Hillary’s comments and desire to move along after Williams was booted that had the Left in a dither.

“Back to the issues …” Hillary told her crowd.

How dare she.

It didn’t take long for the exchange to reach social media where a question of Hillary’s character took over Twitter. The hashtag #WhichHillary was born:

And the hashtag went off in all directions:

Yikes. It’s going to be a long day for Hillary.


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