After Nevada upset, Latino Republicans speak on why Donald Trump is their guy

While the opposition will point to polls that suggest Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is not well liked among Hispanic voters, the candidate says otherwise.

Trump insists that Hispanics love him, and the results of Tuesday’s Nevada caucus support that assessment.

With two Hispanic candidates on the ballot — Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz — an entrance poll shows that Trump captured 45 percent of the Hispanic vote, according to Fox News Latino.

Two Latino Republicans spoke to Fox to explain why they back Trump.

Sebastian Gajardo, a 28-year-old Chilean immigrant attending law school at UNLV, said he thinks Trump is the best candidate for the economy.

He also suggested that more Latinos support Trump but are hesitant to say so publicly out of fear of criticism.

Patricia Martinelli-Price said America needs a CEO who can run the country like a business.

The interior designer and philanthropist shared a sentiment Trump’s opponents have been cautioning about: that Trump is just saying what he needs to say to get elected and once in the White House, he will soften his stance on immigration — if U.S. law doesn’t do that for him.

Watch the interviews here:

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