Monica Crowley predicts GOP establishment is on precipice of complete obliteration

Fox News Contributor Monica Crowley revealed her thoughts on why the GOP establishment does not want Donald Trump or Ted Cruz to win the Republican nomination.

“They hate Ted Cruz,” Crowley said in an appearance on “Hannity” Tuesday. “But they fear Donald Trump. They want neither one to win the nomination because the truth is the establishment cannot control them.”

Crowley said the GOP establishment is in a “desperate mode” to try to stop the two candidates because if either Trump or Cruz becomes president, “the establishment is done, it’s over.” They would effectively lose power as “the control over everything will revert to the sitting president over whom the establishment has no control,” she added.

As for the establishment rallying behind one candidate in an effort to weaken another, Crowley believed any endorsement from the GOP at this point would hurt a candidate because the campaigns are “at a point of diminishing returns.”

“The more establishment support any one of these candidates gets” in the current election climate, said Crowley, “the more their numbers are driven down.”

See the comments via Fox News video below.

Response from social media poured in with tweets that seemed to confirm the anti-establishment sentiment among some voters.

And as the results from the Nevada caucuses rolled in Tuesday, Twitter users followed up with Crowley.






16 thoughts on “Monica Crowley predicts GOP establishment is on precipice of complete obliteration

  1. tsigili says:

    That’s hardly news. We all KNOW, they want the winner to be easy to control, and allow the establishment to set all policy. That would of course, means liberals are in charge, and NOT conservatives. Exactly why EVERYONE is voting for Trump. Time to put an end to the stupidity of the GOP.

  2. taxpayer22 says:

    >> Good. We the voters intend to see to it that the lying, corrupt establishment is finished.

  3. Kenneth Clark says:

    The ONLY “establiment” that our Constitution supports and promotes is the People. It supports the establishment of the people so much that it mandates that we take back our government when the politicians have placed their personal want and desires above the people. Time to clean house.

  4. GBretired says:

    The GOP “Establishment” is dying. They have wasted the last two potus elections and are willing to destroy candidates again to try and get their way. Unfortunately, they are gift wrapping the results for hildebeast in the process.

    1. Today22011 says:

      Hildebeast is also the establishment.

      1. LittleRoot_48 says:

        So is Bernie.

  5. Wayne Cook says:

    The GOP is propped up by old money, new ignorance and secrecy. Go away.

  6. bikerdogred1 says:

    Monica must rely on a machine too much, lighten up princess.

  7. Sparkle Plenty says:

    Good riddance to the corrupt, lying, deceitful GOP. People smart enough to see what’s going on are flocking to Trump in droves to once and for all rid ourselves of the Establishment. We the People have taken all we’re going to take from the liars. Short of a full blown revolution Trump is our last hope of righting our course and getting back on the right track.

    1. Today22011 says:

      Trump is a PT Barnum ; good at manufacturing a circus.

      1. LittleRoot_48 says:

        obama couldn’t run a one-pitcher lemonade stand. He would make a good clown in a circus and moochelle could be the bearded lady.

  8. G Bert says:

    I remember similar things said about Reagan when he ran in ’76 and ’80. Trump is no Reagan, but The Donald is upsetting the status quo in much the same way. He threatens the RINO’s way of life. That’s making establishment heads in both parties want to explode.

  9. WoodstoveBill says:

    Cruz is a liar and can not be trusted. Rubio is an immature financial bozo who has skirted the law like Hillary with devious financial loans, etc… Fox …. get use to the idea…. Trump will be your next president.

    1. Today22011 says:

      Cruz is firmly for the U.S.Constitution and following its laws.

  10. John Campbell says:

    “the control over everything will revert to the sitting president over whom the establishment has no control,” she added.

    Don’t you kid yourself for one second. If anyone thinks the establishment RINO club will simply fold, guess again. They didn’t get where they are by quitting and, just like leftists, they will never quit. This is the epic fight between good and evil on the political stage. It never ends. Only an ever vigilant people can hold them at bay.

    1. Andylit says:

      Indeed. The RINO’s currently own Congress. They will truly become the Party of No.

      However, Cruz or Trump in the WH will likely cause an upsurge in Tea Party victories in the mid-term elections. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the revival.

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