Bernie Sanders volunteer claims mean Trump supporters drove her to emotional breakdown

The only thing missing here is Tom Hanks declaring, “There’s no crying in politics!”

A young Bernie Sanders supporter, who had hosted a phone-banking event for her candidate, posted an emotional video describing what that experience was like.

After singling out supporters of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, she was barely able to contain herself.

“The people voting for him are really sick people that refer to human beings as animals,” she said as she broke down. “And it actually made me sick … and it was disheartening.”

With tears flowing, the woman, who identified herself only as “Chelsea,” continued her emotional rant, accusing mean Trump supporters of being racist against those who are not “white” and for wanting to build a wall.

“Hearing that for hours was so horrible,” she sobbed.

But if the young woman was expecting sympathy, she hasn’t spent much time online. Instead of lending a virtual shoulder for her to cry on, social media users ridiculed her endlessly, describing her meltdown as “hilarious.”

Welcome to politics in 2016, Chelsea … perhaps you may want to consider another line of work:

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