Sheriff Joe Arpaio opens for Trump: Offers up ‘free pair of pink underwear’ to special candidate

What a pair!

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio served as the opening act at Donald’s Trump rally ahead of the Nevada caucus and offered a special gift for Hillary Clinton if she would visit the tents where he houses prisoners in his county.

“I’ve had four presidential candidates visit me in the tents. Four! And they all lost,” he said. “I tried to get Hillary down here, but she’s too smart. She won’t come to the tents. I’d even give her a free pair of pink underwear! You guys don’t probably know what I’m talking about. I guess most of you do, right?”

He is referring to the pink colored underwear he makes the inmates wear all of the time.

Watch the clip below.

Trump Warmup Act Joe Arpaio Offers Hillary… by tommyxtopher

Carmine Sabia


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