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Greta scolds Obama for describing Cuba as ‘fun’: ‘Can’t he just go to Disney World?’

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Greta Van Susteren rebuked President Obama for not representing the American people as plans were announced that he would be traveling to Cuba.

In comments on “Off the Record” Monday, the Fox News host criticized Obama for going back on promises he made that he would travel to Cuba only if there was some “progress in liberty, and freedom and possibilities available to ordinary Cubans.”

“Well, that’s not happening,” said Van Susteren, adding that the White House even admitted it.

“So what does President Obama have to say about his upcoming Cuba trip?” she said. “He told the White House press pool that it will be ‘fun.’ Fun?”

Van Susteren condemned the description, pointing out that taking a “fun” trip to a repressive society is breaking promises and sending the wrong message while the president is supposed to be representing Americans.

“What a horrible message to send,” she said. “I have nothing against the president having fun, but can’t he just go to Disney World? That would be a much better message.”

Watch the comments in the video below.



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