Georgia businessman requires each employee be armed and trained

After hearing about an increase in violent crimes in the Atlanta area, one business owner decided to take his employees’ safety into his own hands.

Lance Toland, who owns several businesses in Georgia, issued a new policy requiring every employee to get a concealed carry permit and be armed, reported WSB-TV.

“They all had their conceal carry permit within three to four weeks of me announcing that this was something you had to do,” said Toland, who awarded each employee with a 410 Judge Pistol, which he said is one of the most effective self-defense weapons.

All of Toland’s aviation insurance agencies’ employees carry the pistol openly in the office. “Everybody has one of these in their drawer or on their person. I would not want to come into one of my facilities,” he said.

Toland said he acted out of concern for the safety of his employees, many of whom are women.

He added that his clients are pleased with his decision and may even follow his lead. “A lot of my clients are high fiving when they hear about this. They think it’s one of the best thing for a company to mandate gun ownership and be licensed and be responsible,” Toland said.

See the news report in the video below.


(H/T: Bearing Arms)

Frieda Powers


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