Charles Schwab CEO brilliantly tests prospective employees by taking them to eat and doing this . . .

As if job interviews weren’t intimidating enough, CEO Walt Bettinger of Charles Schwab kicks it up a notch.

Bettinger takes potential employees out to breakfast for an interview, but adds a twist — he asks the server to purposefully mess up the interviewee’s order so he can watch how they handle it.

“I do that because I want to see how the person responds,” he tells Adam Bryant with The New York Times. “That will help me understand how they deal with adversity. Are they upset, are they frustrated, or are they understanding? Life is like that, and business is like that. It’s just another way to get a look inside their heart rather than their head.”

It’s not only about what is said, but what is unsaid — not responding to the incorrect order can shorten the interview just like an irate response could.

Not saying anything may show undesirable work characteristics like timidity, uncertainty, or inability to react or respond appropriately when under pressure.

“We’re all going to make mistakes,” Bettinger concludes. “The question is how are we going to recover when we make them, and are we going to be respectful to others when they make them?”

His unconventional hiring methods that attempt to probe into a potential employee’s character seem to be working, considering the success of the business.

Check out the full interview between Bettinger and Bryant here.

H/T: Business Insider


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