Trump fans turn hostile to media at rally: ‘Outrageous and dangerous’ Chuck Todd, Megyn Kelly complain

Trump is being accused by the press of revving up his supporters’ hostility toward the press.

A Georgia rally attendee allegedly shouted “b**ch!” at a female reporter and another gave the “double bird” to the press pen.

Members of the media complained, but given the enormous free publicity it gives the Republican presidential front-runner to boost ratings, do they have the right?

NBC News correspondent Katy Tur, who’s following the Trump campaign, tweeted:

This was followed up in short order by her network colleague Chuck Todd and Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly — both of whom called for more civilized rhetoric.

Both received replies similar to these:

Todd added this, which stirred up more replies:

But there were those who agreed with the media’s concerns about the “dangers” of angry Trump fans.

Are the media being hypocritical when they complain about Trump’s scorching rhetoric?


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