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Student’s amazing American flag art project going viral – look CLOSELY to see why

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An Indiana high school student constructed an American flag as an art project and the result is going viral — not because it’s “Old Glory,” but because of what he he used to construct the flag.

From a distance, it appears to be any ordinary U.S. flag; his mother, Stacey Bishop-Feazel, posted a photo of it on her Facebook page.


It’s only when you get up close that you can see it is made up of tiny toy American soldiers — 4,466 of them — each painted either red, white or blue by Jacob Feazel and painstakingly attached to a large board.

Source: Facebook

Jacob’s mother continued documenting the project on her Facebook page.



All told, it took Jacob 56 hours over an eleven-day period to paint and glue the toy soldiers to the board, using 20 to 30 cans of spray paint to do it.

He’s received — and declined — offers to sell the flag; all he wants is an A on his project.

He even attracted the local media. Watch the report via WISH Channel 8 News.

H/T: The Blaze


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