Adele pranks employees at Jamba Juice and it is laugh-out-loud funny

If you didn’t know Adele was a prankster, you’ve been missing out on some seriously hilarious hi-jinks.

Following her latest stunt, when she impersonated herself at an event full of Adele impersonators, her latest antics involve scissors, some wheat grass, and a very confused Jamba Juice employee.

Following the orders of Ellen Degeneres, Adele walks up to the smoothie shop and repeats everything the show host tells her to say via an earpiece.

U Adele Ellen Hair Brushing

She begins by asking if they have either an extra small or extra-large size drink, and when they don’t, asks for a large size drink in a small cup.

Next, she discovers their plot of wheat grass, locates the planted scissors in her purse, and proceeds to cut off a bunch and gnaw on the green sod.

U Adele w Ellen Grass

Watch the uproarious clip via Mashable below:




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