Rubio calls Breitbart conspiracy site for ICE betrayal interview; Sessions backs ‘honest’ ICE spokesman

During an appearance on Fox News Saturday, Sen. Marco Rubio blasted Breitbart News as being not credible as a news source after it reported that Rubio had betrayed Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

The Florida Republican, who’s also seeking his party’s presidential nomination, added that it wasn’t ICE agents who had made the claim against Rubio, but rather ICE union president Chris Crane, whom he accused of engaging in conspiracy theories.

But Sen. Jeff Sessions released a statement afterwards supporting Crane and blasting the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” that had hammered out a proposal for comprehensive immigration reform in 2013.

By extension, the Alabama Republican also criticized Rubio, who was a member of the Gang of Eight and played a significant part in the unpopular immigration bill.

Sessions posted his statement in support of Crane on his Facebook page.

Sen. Sessions released a statement today highlighting the important role ICE Council President Crane played in defeating…

Posted by Jeff Sessions on Saturday, February 20, 2016

The statement said:

“Chris Crane is an honest man of integrity who has served his country for many years as a United States Marine and as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer. He is an American hero who was chosen by nearly 6,000 ICE officers, agents and employees to head their union and speak to the nation on their behalf. He courageously spoke up to expose the administration’s political manipulation of ICE officers, providing all of us an early warning of the administration’s near total non-enforcement of immigration laws, years before it was widely known. When the Gang of eight and President Obama were drafting their immigration bill, he asked to be allowed to participate and provide input. In fact, House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte and I personally requested that President Obama meet with the ICE union, but he never did. The White House and the Gang of Eight refused to listen to Chris and his officers because the truth is they never wanted their professional advice. The bill was designed to benefit the powerful special interests who guided its creation from the beginning – it was not designed to benefit the national interest, nor the interests of our nation’s law enforcement officers. Chris Crane exposed the fatal weaknesses of that bill and played a major role in stopping what would have been a disaster for the country.”


Here’s Rubio’s interview with Fox News host Neil Cavuto. They discuss Breitbart’s article and Crane at about the 2:10 mark into the 12-minute interview.


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