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One powerful line about Jesus in Tim Allen’s ABC sitcom leaves atheist libs speechless

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When faced with the bountifulness of Jesus’ unconditional love, liberal atheists STILL have no answer.

A clip of the ABC sitcom “Last Man Standing,” shared by Newsbusters, proves the show isn’t any more afraid of religion (or Obama) than it is of politics.

Tim Allen plays staunch conservative Mike Baxter. His liberal, effeminate son-in-law, Ryan, is upset that his son, Boyd, confessed to stealing candy.

But not for the reason you’d expect — Ryan was upset because he thinks his friend, Kyle, played the Jesus card.

“I want Boyd to tell the truth because it’s the right thing to do, and not because he thinks he’s gonna be punished by an angry God,” Ryan told his friend in a perfect exposition of twisted liberal logic.

But Ryan is at a loss for words when Kyle responds with a message about Jesus’ unconditional love.

“I never said that,” Kyle replied. “Boyd was scared that if he told you what he did, you wouldn’t love him anymore. So I said you were like my friend Jesus, and even if I do something bad, as long as I’m honest, he still loves me.”

Imagine that, a positive portrayal of Christ on network television. What’s the world coming to?

H/T Newsbusters

Tom Tillison


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