Coulter hits ‘anti-white men’ campaign; asks if Rubio’s bartender dad can make her Trump victory drink

As South Carolina voters went to the polls on Saturday, Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio was hit with a wave of attacks from critics.

Chief among them was right-of-center author and pundit Ann Coulter, who unleashed an intense rant on social media.

Rubio came in second to front-runner Donald Trump, which apparently didn’t sit well with Coulter, who celebrated her candidate’s win by joking about the Florida senator’s deceased father:

Twitter users jumped on the “classless” joke. Here’s a sample:

The conservative bomb thrower’s earlier twitter rant centered around comments Rubio made three days ago at a CNN town hall about experiencing racism first hand as a child in Nevada and for saying the country should recognize that others have had a similar experience.

Coulter said Rubio runs an “anti-white men campaign” and suggested that this somehow links to white men committing suicide.

But that wasn’t the half of it, as seen here:

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