After big SC win: Trump jabs Gov Haley takes on ‘genius’ pundits, asks Ivanka, Melania to speak

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, surrounded by family, gave his victory speech Saturday night in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

He gave a special shout out to South Carolina’s Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster for his support and took a swipe at Nikki Haley for endorsing Sen. Marco Rubio.

“I will take him over the governor anytime,” he said. “Because we won!”

Trump hit one more target – the media pundits – before his official victory dance.

“A number of the pundits said, ‘Well, if a couple of the candidates dropped out, if you add their scores together, it’s going to equal Trump.’ These geniuses . . . they’re geniuses,” he mocked. “They don’t understand that as people drop out, I’m going to get a lot of those votes also.”

Trump invited his wife, Melania, up to the microphone to say a few words.

“He loves you, we love you,” she said.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, also expressed her thanks.

“The momentum since the beginning of this campaign has been unbelievable, and that’s because my father’s message resonates so deeply with so many people,” she said.

“My father is an incredibly hard worker, and he’ll work for each and every one of you.”

Watch the speech, via Fox News.

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43 thoughts on “After big SC win: Trump jabs Gov Haley takes on ‘genius’ pundits, asks Ivanka, Melania to speak

  1. Tiger says:

    I had to dig through the Israeli news. I went from paper to paper to find the truth concerning Trump and Israel. I went hard on him for his comment related to being neutral on any negotiations with Hamas but after reading the “Rest of the Story” I must eat some crow. There are still things I don’t like about Trump and he worries me. But from what I can see now, after about one entire day of searching the net, he is the only candidate that can save this country.

    I will add if Hillary the candidate, which I don’t think and never have thought she would be he better get busy on his debating skills and if Biden steps in he better start today cause Biden is an evil, vicious , drunken monkey on steroids when it comes to debating. Remember when he went against Ryan.

    1. Cheryl Detar says:

      Going against Ryan, was a good thing. Look at what he’s done. Nothing but lick obozo’s feet.

      1. Tiger says:

        That is a fact but that was not my point, my point was how Biden takes over debates Trump would have to work on his skills big time.

        1. Cheryl Detar says:

          Sorry, I misunderstood. I agree, Trump could use some polish.

          1. Tiger says:

            ;p not a problem I am not always the clearest on my posts my mind thinks faster than my finger type.

          2. Cheryl Detar says:

            Thanks, I can relate. Both my body and mind run on, “Fast.”

          3. Tiger says:

            Me also. My teacher used to say Tiger slow down get it right the first time and you don’t have to work to change it.

      2. Randy K says:

        Sorry, wrong part of the anatomy!

        1. Cheryl Detar says:

          I was trying not to insult anyone’s ass.

      3. ger7Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

        Cheryl – I got this article over the internet today:

        The New
        Palestinian People
        By Ben-Dror Yemini
        February 21, 2016 , 11:00 am
        2 1
        0Share 1Email 4Share

        There is no Palestinian people, said MK Anat Berko, creating a
        minor uproar. The late Golda Meir said the same thing before her. In fact, this
        has been an oft-repeated argument in recent decades. Former MK Azmi Bishara
        told Yaron London in an interview: “I do not think that there is a Palestinian
        people. There is an Arab nation. The Palestinian nation is a colonial
        invention. When did the Palestinians exist?”
        Historically, Berko is correct. There was no Palestinian people.
        The name “Palestina” with a P was bestowed by Roman conquerors. It was named
        after the Philistines, who were not even Semitic, to annoy the Jews. The name
        was adopted later by the Christians, but not by the Jews. With the Muslim
        conquest, the “Jund Filastin” district was established, with Ramle being the
        district capital, not Jerusalem.
        Starting in the 11th century, this was no longer the case, either.
        The name “Filistin” or” Filastin” was thrown around on occasion,
        but it did not connote a national identity. The whole area was considered part
        of A-Sham, or Greater Syria. In 1911, two Christian family members created the
        newspaper “Filistin,” which supported the annexation of the area into Greater
        In Mandatory Palestine, only Jewish institutions used the term
        Palestine-E.I. The Anglo-Palestine Bank became Bank Leumi and the Palestine postal service
        became the Israeli postal service. In contrast, the Arabs did not call
        themselves Palestinians during the Mandate, and no Arab Institution called
        itself Palestinian. The outstanding representatives were called the Arab Higher
        Committee rather than the Palestinian Higher Committee. At the head of the
        struggle against Zionism were Arabs, not necessarily from Mandatory Palestine.
        The identity that developed, insofar that it did develop, was an Arab one.
        The mufti felt like a regional leader, not a local leader.
        Fawzi Kaukji, who was prominent in the uprising against the British and against
        Israel, was actually born in
        Tripoli. Ahmad
        Shukeiri, the first PLO chairman, was born to a Lebanese family who immigrated
        to Mandatory Palestine and he even served as the Saudi ambassador to the United
        Nations. He and his friends fought against Zionism and for the liberation of Palestine, but even they
        did not define themselves as Palestinians.
        This continued for decades after the establishment of Israel. From
        1949 to 1967, there was no British or Israeli rule over the West
        Bank and Gaza Strip. In these two decades, not ancient history but
        utterly contemporary, a separate Palestinian identity was not created. The more
        established Palestinian institutions were sponsored by the Arab states, as part
        of the struggles among themselves.
        Needless to say, a Palestinian state was not established. Why?
        There was no occupation. King Hussein of Jordan
        made it clear during those years that “Jordan
        is Palestine and Palestine
        is Jordan,” and that “Jordan in its
        two parts is the homeland of all the Palestinians.”
        Actually, the Six Day War and the Israeli conquest were the
        biggest catalysts for the development of a separate Palestinian national
        identity. The fact that there was no Palestinian people in the past does not
        mean that there is no Palestinian people today. Indeed, it is not clear what
        the difference is between Jordanians, Palestinians and the Syrians themselves.
        They have same language, religion, culture, and often shared tribal or familial
        kinship. But identity is a flexible matter sometimes. In any case, it is
        Logic says there is no need for a separate Palestinian state. Jordan already
        exists. And the one-state solution is unworthy of Jews and Palestinians. It is
        worthy of both banks of the Jordan River, east
        and west. Palestinian leaders, even the last two decades, have made every
        effort to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state. So Berko is right
        about the past. At present there is no need to deny Palestinian nationalism,
        because whoever denies it now will find themselves in a binational state in the

        Reprinted with author’s permission from YNet
        Read more at,7340,L-4766393,00.html#R0x98TMTlDjCPUtw.99

        1. Kamelhaj says:

          So true – Palestinians are actually Jordanians who were not wanted in Jordan.

    2. John Campbell says:

      Trump has an excellent history and this story is a natural promotion for him.

      “Trump is from New York, works in professions saturated with Jews and
      long has been a vocal supporter of Israel. His daughter and two
      grandchildren are Jewish, the executive vice president of his
      organization is Jewish — and Trump certainly has chutzpah.” ~Times of Israel

        1. John Campbell says:

          Again, a good story for Trump and one that points out the differences between leftists who attempt to exploit being Jew versus Jews who support liberty, freedom, their own security.

          I remember working on my own accord for weeks to expose in the Israeli press the Obama machine for what is was doing in Israel to undermine Netanyahu. Remember those U.S. polls that all said the Likud party would lose? The Lukid party won by a landslide. :o)

          1. Tiger says:

            Yes and I kept up with that as well and the Israeli news was right on it and knew that O’s men in Israel interfering with their elections yet let them stay.

            In Yaweh’s country they didn’t win. In America they did with O.

    3. MsRR says:

      So, it doesn’t bother you that Trump told Bibi he would have to compromise and give a little to Palestine??
      Or that he blames Israel for Terrorism?

      1. Tiger says:

        What I found was that on the whole he supported Bibi and said many things in his favor and has long before running for president. I am not completely happy with any of them but now I am more comfortable with Trump and his true feelings concerning Israel.

        Everything in consideration of time and place plus I found many things taken out of context.

      2. Tiger says:

        Here is an article from the Jerusalem posting quoting all the times Trump, long before running has been with Israel.

    4. Patriot1119 says:

      this puts you two steps ahead of lots of folks on here – you’re gracious enough to admit when you are wrong or have made a mistake… you’re okay in my books gal!

      1. Tiger says:

        Thank you we learn from our mistakes that is what I taught my children, that is what mistakes are for. ;p

    5. Texas Belle says:

      Yes, I remember his debate with Ryan, totally classless, rude and crude. Even children know not to interrupt or ridicule (some at least), but Biden doesn’t seem to have gotten that message. Typical Democrat; they think the louder and longer they talk the more they are believed, even if they are lying.

      1. Tiger says:

        Seems to work for them O got re-elected.

        I was stunned at the way Biden snarled and grinned and acted like a wild monkey being stuck with a hot poker and on steroids. I got so mad at the no reaction from Ryan I was about to throw the TV out the window. Had it been me I would have stood up from the table and put that loud mouthed nothing in his place.

        Someone needed to put a sock in Biden’s mouth and Trump better man-up on his debating skills cause these people are ruthless and if the Liberals moderating they do nothing about it.

  2. Dave Pierce says:

    I thought having his wife and daughter speak showed a lot of class, I also noticed that trump used the words were and we when talking about building a wall, renegotiating trade agreements, or helping vets, listen to Hillary, Cruz, Rubio and especially Obama every other word is I, I, I, we don’t need another i i i I president

    1. Hux says:

      Exactly Dave. But what really concerns me is the stupidity of voters who voted For Obama that proved to be a liar ,untrustworthy ,clueless ,didn’t get enough of that and re elected him again .Now on the way to possibly voting in another liar,untrustworthy not nice person ,all and all out only for her self. Wake up America . Take the blinders off. You will once again reap the rotten fruits you will so deserve and live angery for another 4 years. Give your heads a shake.

    2. Andylit says:

      I must disagree with the “I” comment.

      Nothing annoys me more than when candidates use the term “we” in describing goals, policies, tactics, etc. “We” are not running for office. “I” am running for office. These topics are about “I”, “me”, “mine”, not we and our. It is not “our” campaign. It is “my” campaign.

      I am not interested in group-think. I want candidates to OWN their ideas, their goals, their plans.

      1. disqus_rrU40ADrms says:

        You are being a little too pedantic. A leader looks over the hill and says where he or she wants to take us. I want someone who looks mostly at the forest and only sometimes at the trees. Mer. Trump appears to fit that part.

        1. Andylit says:

          And you are overthinking my comment. I find the “we” deeply annoying. It smacks of the Royal “we”.

      2. tedlv says:

        Good catch, I have thought the same thing. Well stated.

      3. Dave Pierce says:

        He’s stated his goals but it take a team to execute them, not a one man show unless your names Obama, and look at mess we’re with all his single minded decisions, what your looking for is called a dictator.

        1. Andylit says:

          Nonsense semantic games. I am not voting for a team. I am not voting for a “we”.

          1. Dave Pierce says:

            I don’t car who vote for, just looking at your pix tells me you couldn’t make a good choice.

  3. TheTider says:


    1. Kamelhaj says:

      Clinton for Prison in ’16!

  4. tsigili says:

    Haley helped Rubio a little, but not all that much. She is not, however, truly representative of the people of SC.

    1. מַמְזֵ֖ר says:

      NWO diversity goddess

  5. Richard Hennessy says:

    It appears that Gov. Haley, the establishment governor, may have just handed the nomination to Trump by endorsing Rubio, and the Republicans in South Carolina fell for it. The establishment is good at duping conservatives, but in the process, loses elections.

  6. longlance says:

    Big Don Trump swats fuliginous fraudster Nikki Sharpton Haley, the BLM governor. Go, Big Don!

  7. Texas Belle says:

    People were fooled by an unknown Senator in 2008; they voted on emotions and color. We shouldn’t take that chance again on anyone whose ideas on issues are not conservative. Trump has shown that many of his views are the same as those of Democrats; we don’t want to wake up after the election and find out that he will cater to Pelosi, Schumer, and others of their ilk..

    1. tedlv says:

      I wish more people could see that. My prediction: he will have a falling out with the Republican party, declare himself independent, and the dems will win. I am still not sure that isn’t his plan to start with. I like what he says, I admire his lack of political correctness, I hate his insulting tweets, but, bottom line, I just don’t trust him. I wish I could.

      1. ger7Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

        It’s that underlying, gut wrenching feeling of uncertaity. Many of us have that same feeling Tedlv.I would rather see a Cruz or Rubio be the leader; but, I don’t think that is a happening. It;s about as promising as Reagan rising from the dead.

  8. Glen Corona says:

    Trump is having a Big Rally in Atalanta right now before going to Nevada in front of jam packed crowd cheering USA ,USA , USA. The TV Cameras at the DemoFreak Rally will make the small 3000 crowd appear to be 10,000 but at Trumps rally they`ll never show the 13,000 Jam packed crowd to down play him . It appears Trump may even take GA with the enthused crowd. Trump 2016.

  9. DebraJMSmith says:

    He’s feeding conservatives a line, and sadly so many are believing him. –And his wife is just trashy.

    1. ger7Micah Ben-Yehudah says:

      Debra JM Smith
      Debra – I am assuming you are a believer in Ha-Mashiach Yeshuah. Yes, I know, there was nothing in you comment to back up my assumption; however, most of the conservatives on these blogs, if they can truly be called “blogs”, are Christian Believers. Only some are true Torah Believers in Yeshuah.

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