Trump spox gets berated, booted from party for being black Republican: ‘I’ve tolerated you . . . now leave’

Katrina Pierson Fight
Screenshot via WEtv.

Donald Trump‘s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson got into a heated altercation on the a new reality TV show that ended with her being escorted out by security.

The segment for WETV’s “Sisters In Law,” a show about black female lawyers, showed Pierson being invited to the home of cast member Rhonda Willis by Monique Sparks, who introduced her as a “black Republican.”

Willis immediately got confrontational with Pierson yelling and screaming that the word Republican was “like a dirty word” to her.

The vicious battle continued, with Pierson holding her own though severely outnumbered, until Willis had security remove the Trump spokeswoman from her house.

“It’s my house, and I’d like you to leave,” the rude hostess snapped.

“I’ve tolerated you, your ignorant opinions, your lack of education, and your lack of knowledge on very basic things like the Civil Rights Act,” Wills said. “I’m now sick of hearing from you, and I want you to leave. Goodbye!”

Willis’ treatment of Pierson made her fellow cast members decidedly uncomfortable as can be seen in the wild clip below.

The segment was filmed before prior to Pierson joining the Trump campaign.

Carmine Sabia


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