Black Panther walks free, avoids third trial for murder of prison guard

A Black Panther in jail for armed robbery, assault and the murder of a prison guard was released from prison Friday.

The release came days after PBS aired a special glorifying the terrorist group and after singer and actress Bette Midler called on President Obama to pardon the Panthers who remain in jail.

Albert Woodfox, who was part of a group known as the “Angola Three,” along with Herman Wallace and Robert King, pleaded no contest to manslaughter on Friday in the 1972 murder of prison guard Brent Miller.

The plea allowed Woodfox to walk out of court a free man after four decades in prison, nearly all of which was spent in solitary confinement. It came after two previous convictions for the murder of Miller had been thrown out, the Daily Mail reported.

A third trial had been scheduled but his plea deal meant he could avoid it and be released.

“Although I was looking forward to proving my innocence at a new trial, concerns about my health and my age have caused me to resolve this case now and obtain my release with this no contest plea to lesser charges. I hope the events of today will bring closure to many,” he said in statement.

Carmine Sabia


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