Video: Robber gets clobbered when customer next to him turns out to be boxing champ

An attempted robbery went terribly wrong after a bystander stepped in to thwart a crime in progress.

But this good Samaritan was no ordinary bystander. David West holds two state boxing titles and was not going to let a robbery happen before his eyes, reported Fox13 News.

Anthony Nemeth allegedly walked into a Florida Walgreens on Sunday, dressed in a hoodie and with his face covered, before jumping onto the counter in an attempt to rob the pharmacy.

“He jumped up onto the counter, demanding all of their Oxycodone 30 milligram,” said Bradenton Police Lt. James Racky.

The shocked clerk could not believe what was happening, but Nemeth said it was no joke and that he had a gun, Racky reported according to Fox13.

That’s when West, 25, decided to take action. With a few quick punches, all caught on video, the suspect was knocked out cold.

“Normally, I would say don’t get involved, especially when there is a weapon they can see, but apparently the citizen didn’t see or felt he had a weapon,” said Racky.

“I really wasn’t trying to hurt anybody,” West, who was visiting his girlfriend, told ABC13 TV. “I was just trying to do what was right. I was protecting the one I love.”

West held down the suspect until police arrived, sharing some wisdom with him as they waited.

“I told him this, I hope he uses this as a turning point in his life,” West said, adding that he hoped Nemeth would get the help he needs.

Shortly released from the hospital with minor injuries, Nemeth was taken to the Manatee County Jail where he was charged with attempted robbery. Police were grateful the suspect was the only one to be injured, reported Fox13.

“Best part is, the citizen got involved and helped out during a crime in progress without endangering himself and others,” said Lt. Racky.

Watch the Fox13 video below.

Frieda Powers


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