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Philly police take hilarious jab at Kanye West’s debt issues; sets social media rolling

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The Philadelphia Police Department hilariously punked hip hop artist Kanye West big time.

Ever since Saturday, when West announced that he was more than dead broke — he was $53 million in debt — he’s been the brunt of jokes. But this one has to be the best so far.

West tweeted:

Philadelphia isn’t known as the city of brotherly love without reason. And the city’s finest proved it by offering West a helping hand — and a way out of his dire circumstances.

They tweeted:

Debt free by 3122! That’s only 1,106 years, and then he and his family can once again smell the sweet air of financial freedom!

Not only that, as the photo illustrates, West looks downright snazzy in police blue.

Everyone on social media loved it!

But at least one thought it may take a bit longer for West to become totally debt-free.

Pizza Hut UK also humiliated West by announcing that they’d received his job application.

West had a different idea to get out of debt. He suggested that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg invest $1 billion in “Kanye ideas.”

If that’s Kanye’s idea of a “Kanye idea,” it’s not worth a plug nickel.

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