Reporter asks if Obama will go golfing instead of Scalia’s funeral; WH gives disturbing answer

During Wednesday’s White House press conference, Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked if President Obama was skipping the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral to go golfing.

A fair question, given this president’s habits.

“The president has said that he is not always as sensitive as he should be on optics,” one reporter said. “Can you rule out that he’s going golfing on Saturday instead of the funeral?”

The disturbing answer began with “I don’t know,” followed by rambling BS about how the president has paid ample respect to the conservative justice already.



218 thoughts on “Reporter asks if Obama will go golfing instead of Scalia’s funeral; WH gives disturbing answer

  1. Lizard says:

    Obama paid more concern to black thug that was murdered then he did judge.. Obama walking pieced of shizzzt

  2. Scot James says:

    Supreme Court Justice Scalia Had Secret Texas Meeting With Obama Just Hours Before His Death

  3. WTFUAMERIKA says:

    So…………………A.Hole of the world is going golfing then huh?

  4. Sargeant_rock says:

    I know there are a lot of conspiracy theories about Scalia’s death and they continue to debunk them…

    However, considering the law suits concerning Obama’s illegal immigration policy, his Obamacare, and several other illegal executive orders pending before the supreme court, and Justice Scalia being the “seventh man” and a strong conservative, I can’t help but wonder just what caused his “sudden” death opening the door for Obozo to appoint another one of his liberal cronies…
    PLEASE CONGRESS do not allow his appointment to be approved regardless of who it is… Save what is left of our legal justice system….

    Just my opinion….

  5. nicki-baby says:

    Would you want this black fool at your funeral, I surely wouldn’t !!!!!

  6. RobertNorwood says:

    Gaping loss if he doesn’t go. Wouldn’t want him at mine, but I’d go to his. I’d suck down a case of beer and, in front of everyone…oooh… whip it out and pee straight into that hole they throw his sorry ass into.

  7. SofiesVoice says:

    Obama….No class or civility for that matter. O is a loser. period.

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