Palestinian leader gives tips on fine art of wife-beating on Gaza TV

A spiritual leader in the Palestinian territory of Gaza offered viewers tips on the fine art of wife-beating last week on a TV program.

Hassan Al-Laham, who holds the title “mufti of Gaza,” according to Fox News, detailed four steps that should happen before divorce is considered.

“Allah said: Warn them [wives], and separate from them, and hit them, and bring an arbitrator from his family and an arbitrator from her family,” Al-Laham said.

He then described how a man should beat his wife.

“Not hitting that will bring the police, and break her hand and cause bleeding, or hitting that makes the face ugly,” the mufti said, adding that the blows should “be like a joke,” reinforcing “love and friendship” between the couple.

The Palestinian Authority is responsible for the program that reaches throughout the Arab world via satellite.

“They actually think this is a moderate message – that it is okay to beat your wife,” Palestinian Media Watch Director Itamar Marcus told “This is their perception.”

Further guidelines of what a woman can and cannot do under Islam is discussed in the video here:

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3 thoughts on “Palestinian leader gives tips on fine art of wife-beating on Gaza TV

  1. Unapologetically White says:

    I’m OK with this. As long as we’re role playing, that is.

    1. Med1 says:

      Thank you for the laugh!

  2. tsigili says:

    Perhaps the women of Gaza should beat this man to death.

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