Officer placed on unpaid leave for appearing in rap video ‘Cops lives matter’

A Missouri law enforcement officer found himself in hot water for appearing in a rap video holding a sign proclaiming “Cops lives matter.”

The J. Smitty music video, “Before This Bomb Blows Up (Racism Goes Both Ways),” also depicted St. Joseph Police Officer Zackary Craft reaching for his gun, and Craft was summarily placed on unpaid leave, according to the New York Daily News.

Other people hold signs throughout the video — many of which are racially charged.

Approximately two minutes into the three-and-a-half-minute video, Craft is depicted holding up the “Cops lives matter” sign.

Source: Screengrab via the Daily News

The Daily News reported:

Also known as Josh Smith, J. Smitty is a white suburban rapper from Kansas City. Officer Craft is also white.

In the racially charged video, J. Smitty trashes President Obama and the Rev. Jesse Jackson with obscene language.

The video shows the rapper holding up such signs that say “a proud white man is a racist” and “a proud black man is courageous.”


A police spokesman said that the department “in no way condones the video.”

Although Craft admitted that he allowed himself to be taped for the video, he did so “without knowing the words, content, or context” and was “appalled” when he first saw it, his lawyer Morgan Roach said.

Shortly after Craft was placed on leave, the rapper removed the video, then re-posted it with Craft’s face blurred.

Watch the video below. ***WARNING: offensive language and content***


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