Leaked German government report shows refugees committed 200,000 crimes between 2014 and 2015

DC-NEWS 300X71By Jonah Bennett

A leaked report from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Agency reveals refugees committed over 200,000 crimes between 2014 and 2015.

The report is only supposed to be seen by police and other government employees, but it ended up in the hands of Bild, a German newspaper, Deutsche Welle reports.

What the document shows primarily is that refugees are responsible for 208,344 crimes.

A total of 32 percent of those crimes were related to asset or fraud offenses, and another 33 percent were due to theft. Of the total number of crimes, only 1 percent, or 1,688, had anything to do with sexual offenses. There were 458 cases of serious sexual assault, which includes either rape or coercion.

Not all ethnic groups were equal in the amount of crimes committed. Viewed proportionally, there were more offenders from Eritrea, Nigeria and countries from the Balkans like Serbia and Albania. In absolute numbers, Syrians committed 24 percent of refugee crimes, but Serbs only comprised 2 percent of the refugee population and managed to account for an incredible 13 percent of crimes.

Bild noted, however, the report did not include the reported cases of sexual assault in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, skewing the data slightly.

The 446 alleged sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve threw Germany into an uproar, mostly because of accusations that the German government collaborated with the media to downplay the incident. Of particular note, following the assaults, Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker put the onus on females who were assault and suggested women should abide by a code of conduct to avoid future assaults.

Due to crime rates and generally undesirable behavior, tensions over importing over a million refugees were high, and the assaults in Cologne, committed mostly by Arabs and North Africans, pushed ordinary Germans over the edge. A recent poll indicated that 40 percent of Germans want Chancellor Angela Merkel to resign due to her poor handling of the refugee crisis. She has admitted Europe has totally lost control of the situation.

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30 thoughts on “Leaked German government report shows refugees committed 200,000 crimes between 2014 and 2015

  1. R T Deco says:

    I remember the good old days, when all you had to worry about in Europe was EuroTrash.

  2. Marilyn Stern says:

    Just think. Obama wants to bring 200,000 (a number that started at 70,000) of these men to the United States, and his administration is bringing them here as fast as they can, but quietly. People have published pictures of these men leaving UPS planes at night, but UPS has denied any knowledge of it. Think there is a method to his madness? You betcha’.

  3. Ole Man says:

    Folks carry a gun or a straight razor >

  4. ElderAmbassador says:

    Stupid hurts. Kill them all and the crime goes away, or send them ALL to some “safe” zone in Syria where only the Russians bomb.

  5. CHARLES S says:

    Merkel should suffer the same fate as all the innocent women that were raped or assaulted so that she can “connect with their suffering”. That witch should be run out of Germany. She is NO better then Hitler.

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