Kelly, Perino rip President Obama for disrespectfully skipping Scalia’s funeral over politics

Is President Obama’s decision not to attend Justice Scalia’s funeral all about politics? Or does he have a golf outing scheduled?

“I find no precedent for this in history that a sitting U.S. president would not attend the death of a sitting Supreme Court justice,” Fox News host Megyn Kelly said Wednesday on “The Kelly file.”

She added that the president has no plans for Saturday — the day of the funeral.

Fox News “The Five” co-host Dana Perino said there are a lot of reasons Obama should attend.

“He’s only going to be president for the next nine months. Participate,” Perino said. “He’s going to miss being president of the United States and this is one of those things where you participate and lead.”

The two discussed the differences in ideologies between the president and Scalia.

Kelly noted that “the biggest liberal on the U.S. Supreme Court, or at least one of them — Ruth Bader Ginsburg — loved this man.”

“Do you think for one second that if it was a liberal justice that had died–” Perino began, and Kelly completed her thought.

“No! He would be there,” Kelly said. “He should be there to pay his respects, the same way a Republican president should pay his respects should one of the other justices die.”

White House press secretary Josh Earnest was asked on Wednesday if Obama had a golf outing planned for Saturday.

Watch the clip via Fox News.

People on social media were equally appalled.

But one person looked at it in an altogether different way.


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