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Iconic Obama ‘Hope’ artist sticks finger in Hillary’s eye with new design; ‘Team H’ flubs comeback

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The artist behind the iconic “Hope” poster that helped propel the “hope and change” theme of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential run has weighed in again in support of another candidate.

And given artist Shepard Fairey‘s success in 2008, his announced endorsement Wednesday of Bernie Sanders may prove to be a good omen for the candidate.

“I’m supporting Bernie Sanders, because I want to push principles, not personalities,” Fairey said in a video posted on social media by the Sanders campaign:

Taking his support for Sanders a step further, Fairey designed a T-shirt for the self-described Democratic Socialist. Along with a call for “political revolution,” the shirt includes Sanders’s “Feel the Bern” slogan.

Never mind that at first glance some may be reminded of Nazi Germany — they were National Socialists, after all.

Interestingly, Team Hillary took note of the T-shirt, with Clinton’s Press Secretary Brian Fallon mocking it as a “poor man’s imitation of the 2008 campaign.”

Fallon may want to rethink the “poor man” comment based on social media’s reaction. It also plays into Sanders’s theme of Hillary being an elitist. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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