Glenn Beck: Scalia’s death a sign from God to elect Ted Cruz

Glenn Beck has been a vociferous supporter of Ted Cruz, but that support has now taken on a God component.

Calling into his own radio show Wednesday — Beck was traveling — the conservative firebrand posited that the timing behind the death of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia may have been God’s hand at work.

Beck explained that plans to campaign for Mitt Romney before the 2012 election were abruptly canceled because of Hurricane Sandy, which he took as a sign from God. He saw Scalia’s death similarly, implying that it was Divine intervention to wake the country up.

The message being that America will lose its liberty unless Ted Cruz is elected president.

“I just woke the American people up,” Beck said after noting that he thanked God for what transpired in 2012. “I took them out of the game show moment and woke enough of them up to say, look at how close your liberty is to being lost.”

“You now have lost your liberty,” he continued. “You replace one guy and you now have 5-4 decisions in the other direction. Just with this one guy, you’ve lost your liberty.

“So you’d better elect somebody that is going to put somebody on [Supreme Court] because for the next 30 years, if you don’t, the Constitution as you know it — Pat, you and I say this all the time — the Constitution is hanging by a thread. That thread has just been cut and the only way that we survive now is if we have a true constitutionalist.”

Tom Tillison


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