Leaked gov’t docs show what’s really behind global warming agenda; ‘profound lifestyle changes’

DC-NEWS 300X71By Michael Bastasch

Fighting global warming isn’t just about deploying more green energy, it’s also about imposing “profound lifestyle changes” for millions of people, according to leaked European Union documents obtained by The Guardian.

“It will require exploring possibilities for realising ‘negative’ emissions as well as profound lifestyle changes of current generations,” read the document laying out the European Commission’s agenda. It was presented to foreign ministers in Belgium Monday.

“The potential scale of such a deep transformation will require a wide societal debate in Europe,” according to the document which calls for a European-wide debate on how people need to change their day-to-day lives to fight warming.

For years, European regulators have been trying to fight global warming through a variety of schemes targeting people’s energy consumption. From cap-and-trade, to high energy taxes, to green energy mandates, little has actually worked to drastically decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

In recent years, environmentalists have even been frustrated by Europe’s cap-and-trade system. In 2013, carbon prices in the EU’s cap-and-trade system hit rock bottom and it became economical to once again start burning coal — environmentalists then deemed the system “worthless.”

Europe’s CO2 emissions have come down, but it’s not clear climate policies have had any appreciable effect on this trend — since CO2 intensity of the economy is always decreasing as industries use energy more efficiently.

“CO2 intensity in the economy has come down,” environmental economist Richard Tol told a crowd gathered at the libertarian Cato Institute last fall, “but you can’t really see a trend break in 1990. It just seems that the last 20 years were a continuation of the trends of the 20 years before.”

“And this is true for the United states, where there has been some climate policy, but it’s also true for some of the countries — Germany, Japan, United Kingdom — who have consistently claimed to be in climate policy and claim to have done a whole lot to reduce their emissions,” Tol said. “It’s just not visible in the data.”

EU leaders are now looking to capitalize on the United Nations Paris deal that was hashed out in December as a way to kickstart policy debates over how to change the way people live after years of failed energy schemes.

As part of the U.N. treaty, the EU has pledged to cut CO2 emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. But the leaked document added even deeper cuts that could be on the way after the U.N. publishes its next climate report in 2018.

It’s not exactly clear what sorts of “profound lifestyle changes” the EU wants its population to make, but the U.N. has put forward suggestions in several reports on how they want people to lower their environmental footprint.

One major activity the U.N. is targeting is what people eat. The U.N. basically wants people to eat less red meat and even supplement their diets with insects.

For years, U.N. officials have been pushing rich countries to cut red meat out of their diets because of methane emissions from cows and the amount of water it takes to sustain livestock.

“Keeping meat consumption to levels recommended by health authorities would lower emissions and reduce heart disease, cancer, and other diseases,” former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan told The Guardian last year.

“And of course there are alternative sources of protein. For example, raising insects as an animal protein source,” Annan said. “Insects have a very good conversion rate from feed to meat. They make up part of the diet of two billion people and are commonly eaten in many parts of the world.”

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73 thoughts on “Leaked gov’t docs show what’s really behind global warming agenda; ‘profound lifestyle changes’

  1. joe says:

    This article does not present anything new. It says nothing that we so-called deniers have not been saying since this global cooling/warming/unstable climate/climate change nonsens began in the 1970s.

  2. tsigili says:

    The only thing that truly will have a positive impact on climate is reduction of human populations world wide.

  3. Andylit says:

    Wealth Transfer.

  4. Mary Brown says:

    Man contributes ~2% of the global CO2 load, that is BELOW the margin of error of the studies so they have no clue of man is really affecting anything! Volcanoes(and we are at a peak for active ones around the Ring of Fire), methane releases from the ocean and arctic regions are the 2 top greenhouse gas sources!

  5. kazzer66 says:

    Supplement their diets with insects? They’re more likely to supplement their diets with barbecued government officials.

    If these dunderheads really think, they can channel the way people will react to these phony impositions, they need to get out of their insular, Lefty bubbles, and meet the human race.

  6. Aabbea says:

    Since it has been revealed that just about everything stated by the establishment is the geometric opposite of the truth, then “global warming” is the same. The fossil record indicates that a new ice age is long overdue, so what is happening is a global cooling. We should be burning as much fossil fuel as possible to get the CO2 level up to forestall the inevitable cooling.

  7. Todd Perry says:

    The real reason for this fake climate change scam is for control. Control of where and how everyone can live.
    They want EVERYONE to live in major cities and not allow people to live in the country for easier control unless you are one of the elite.
    –They can not do this unless they control ALL power and energy. This is why they do not release proven free alternative energy and what little is allowed out like solar and wind they make it hard and almost impossible to use to get forcing people to stay connected to their controlled grid.
    –They do NOT allow the Americans to have cars that can get hundreds of miles to a gallon or alternate power to keep making record profits and do not make anything to last like they used to at the expense of the earth.
    –There are proven and safe ways to slow carbon down but plants NEED this to survive, without it they would grow slower. this is why some green houses actually pump in carbon dioxide into the growing areas to make their plants grow faster and healthier.
    –Almost ever piece evidence they used to supposedly prove that Global Warming has been proven fake and there is unlimited proof from scientists from every country around the planet that proves it is fake.
    –It started out as Global cooling, then when it started warming instead it was Global Warming, when that failed they yet again changed the name to Climate Change.
    –Most people around the globe finally realize it is a scam this is why some countries propose jailing those who disagree and prove it is fake. The pro climate change/ global warming scientists were challenged to a court room setting complete with a jury to see if they could prove with their evidence it was real but they refused at every turn because they know that all of their evidence could NEVER EVER convince a jury it is real against the evidence that proves it is false.

    1. Todd Perry says:

      There is a map out there that shows what the US will look like if they get their way. Like the Indian people will be put on reservations while most of the land will be off limits to humans unless you are one of the elite.


  8. Swamp Gas says:

    A tax on CO2 and a way to make you poorer and the rich richer. If you are too stupid to understand that then that is your problem. CO2 is not pollution. Lack of recycling and mishandling waste are the problems.

  9. robert88871 says:

    We peons should voluntarily move underground and only come out once a day for 10 minutes…long enough to receive the 900 calorie a day insect rations from our globalist masters.

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