Emotional Eagles of Death Metal singer slams gun control: ‘Until nobody has guns, everybody has to have them’

Picture from screenshot.
Picture from screenshot.

The lead singer of the band that was playing the Bataclan when terrorists stormed the theater in a murderous rampage in Paris has a message for gun grabbers — and they aren’t going to like.

While giving interviews to French media ahead of the group’s performance Tuesday, a show they are putting on in the same theater where the attacks occurred in November, the Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes said gun control laws aren’t protecting anyone.

“Until nobody has guns, everybody has to have them,” he told French TV station iTélé as he fought back tears on Monday.

Hughes said he has nightmares while he is awake about the horror he witnessed that night and said it might not have been the same if audience members were armed.

“Gun control kind of doesn’t have anything to do with it,” he told iTélé. “But if you want to bring it up, I’ll ask you, did your French gun control stop a single f****** person from dying at the Bataclan?”

Hughes has always had a pro-gun position, and he said the massacre he witnessed only strengthened them.

“I think the only thing that stopped it was some of the bravest men that I’ve ever seen in my life, charging head-first into the face of death with their firearms,” he said. “Maybe, I know people will disagree with me but it seems like God made men and woman and that night guns made them equal.”

Watch the emotionally charged interview below.

Many on social media agreed with the singer.

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