Another alleged Bill Clinton mistress tells all; so afraid of ‘lesbian’ Hillary that she sleeps with loaded gun

Miss Arkansas of 1958, an alleged former Bill Clinton mistress, posted a warning about the Clintons on her Facebook page late last month.

“Please share,” the post begins. “Consider this a warning. Trust me, no one is safe.”

Please share. Consider this a warning. Trust me, no one is safe.Americans say “Fool me once…shame on you; Fool me…

Posted by Sally Miller on Saturday, January 23, 2016

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Sally Miller revealed the strange affair she allegedly had with Clinton in 1983 while he was governor of Arkansas.

She described one scene in which Clinton pranced around her bedroom dressed in her filmy black nightgown while he serenaded her with his saxophone.

While Miller claimed that Clinton’s lovemaking wasn’t quite up to the level of his entertaining, she added that during those sessions, he would frequently disclose secrets about his wife Hillary that he probably now wishes had remained unsaid.

The former beauty queen, singer and radio host said she’s now preparing a tell-all memoir that she promises will reveal what was said during those sessions, including the former secretary of state’s preference for female lovers.

“Let’s just get down to the facts. Firstly, Bill didn’t mind telling me that Hillary doesn’t like sex,” she said.

“I take him at his word and he told me she liked females more than men. She was the child of a more progressive community. She was exposed to all the liberals, she was a flower child.”

But that wasn’t all — the former first lady allegedly had another habit.

“Hillary does drugs too, that’s the only time that she would entertain the idea [of having sex with him] — again, this is what Bill told me.”

The Daily Mail reported:

As far-fetched as her accusations may appear, she remains convinced that Hillary Clinton is behind a plot to silence her ahead of the November election.

But it will also lay bare, what Miller describes as a decades-long Democrat campaign to discredit and harass her that began when she first revealed the affair in 1992, a campaign she claims has now reached such perverse depths that she actually fears for her life.

When Daily Mail Online visited Miller at her Arkansas home she insisted she had been stalked, spied upon and plagued by anonymous phone calls since word of her memoir leaked out.


“She doesn’t care what I say about Bill, that’s old news,” Miller told the publication. “But I think she wonders what Bill told me. I think she wonders how much I know about her that came from Bill.”

She’s no doubt especially curious in the middle of a campaign already bogged down by scandal.

“With the election coming up she can’t afford any sort of loose end. She’s the closest thing you can imagine to Al Capone. I don’t think she is going to rest until she puts me to rest,” she said.

Fearing for her own life, she sleeps with a loaded semi-automatic handgun nearby and seldom leaves the house without her Australian Shepherd, Cubby Bear, at her side.

Watch the video clip via the Daily Mail.

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68 thoughts on “Another alleged Bill Clinton mistress tells all; so afraid of ‘lesbian’ Hillary that she sleeps with loaded gun

  1. Hux says:

    With all her baggage,coverups,lies ,why would any one believe in this barefaced untrustworthy liar. Now it makes sense for the pant suits. She must be the butch.

  2. ElderAmbassador says:

    This story has been around for a LOOOOONG time. It was shoved under the rug then and is now coming out again. I applaud her bravery and hope she makes a $Million on the book!

    1. LittleRoot_48 says:

      I’ll add it to my anti-Clinton library.

  3. DebraJMSmith says:

    Sally Miller,

    I have come to believe that it is the Democrat Party that has people killed, some high up people who are behind getting these people elected. (The politicians themselves are too stupid to be behind such elaborate murders.) And yes, they know how to make things look like suicide or an accident. I believe they listen in on phone calls or bug places. –Some how they get into the victim’s life, to learn how to make it look like suicide or an accident.

    The best thing you can do is tell all that you know. Because as long as they think there is something more, they will wonder what it is and if you have proof. Once you tell all there is to know and show your full hand, they will dismiss you and make you out to be a crackpot, if you do not have any proof. This could be your safest bet.

  4. RetiredRailman-Nam-Vet says:

    I believe Sally came forward at this time as all who have knowledge of the Clintons should do to save America from another big mistake like what we have occupying the white house now, America wont survive another Democrat as a President.

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